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Slim suits

Slim suits have always been regarded as extremely trendy, dashing, and they stand out in the current fashion. Slim suits are the epitome of modern way of classic clothing. Suits have been around for centuries, and they have evolved throughout the entire time in various different ways. The current version of suits which stands out as being cool and dashing is the slim- fit suits. Slim suits justify their name by wrapping snugly around your body with ease, and ensuring the perfect fit which is neither too loose not too tight. The reason that they are called slim is that, they have very little excess fabric and no bagginess at all. They are designed to flatter the figure of the wearer, no matter what is body shape is like, since they follow the natural shape of his body around. Contrary to the popular belief that slim suits are only appropriate and look good on well- fit men, they look good on everyone. They can make anyone look trimmed- down and perfectly fit, despite their different body shapes. Therefore, men who are insecure with their weight can wear a slim suit and look slimmer.

However, your slim suit shouldn't be too tight that they become uncomfortable. The fit of the suit should be perfectly cozy, and they should never restrict any movements. Make sure you buy a suit of your correct size, and never compromise on even the smallest of measurements. The best way to ensure a perfect fit is for you to take your own measurements and later compare them against a size chart.

Slim suits

Jackets: Remember that the suit jackets of the slim suits are shorter in length than the regular suit jackets and measure the length appropriately. On the verge of being skinny fit, the shoulders of the slim suit jackets are narrower, and have point-to-point measurements. They have a higher arm hole in the torso and the jacket sleeves, in efforts to keep the look clean. These suit jackets are usually characterized by a narrower lapel than the other jackets, and they have a higher notch. The shoulder pads of these suits are also softer and thinner, in order to reduce the bulk. Slim suits commonly are single-breasted and having two buttons at the maximum.

Pants: Measure the length of the trouser pants from your lower waist line to you mid- boot length. Remember that the pants of these suits have a tapered waist, along with slim and tapered legs. The pants of the slim suits also don't feature the traditional pleated-front style, and instead have a flat front design. This is done to maintain a snug and a fit look underneath the suit jacket. The characteristics of these pants also include having a lower rise than the regular suit pants. They also tend to be slightly shorter in length.

Waistcoat: If it is a three- piece suit, a waistcoat would be present as a part of the ensemble. Waistcoat is meant to lie flat against your body and not provide any bulk. Make sure that your shirt doesn't stick out in bunches beneath the waistcoat. The waistcoat should not be prominently visible.

Shirts: The fit of the shirt should be similar to that of the jacket, wherein it should be snug and of the perfect size. Since the jacket is itself of a close fit, wearing a bulky shirt can look very untidy and cause creases on the folds of the shirt. Therefore, it is mandatory for the shirt to be slimmer than the jacket. The cuff of the shirt should be visible below the sleeves of the jacket.

Ties: Instead of a regular tie, if you sport a skinny tie, it would go in tune with the slim look of the entire ensemble. The regular ties are little too bulky and wide for a slim suit. A skinny tie on the other hand, is as its name suggests; skinny and slim. These skinny ties are also present in all kinds of colors and patterns, just like the regular ties.

Accessories: The accessories other than the neck ties include your shoes, pocket squares, jewelry, head wear and so on. Accessorize depending upon the formality of the suit and the occasion that you are wearing it to.

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