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Elegantly Designed 1950's Suits

1950's Suits
Fashion trends keep changing all the time. As nothing remains stagnant, so also are the clothes that we wear. Style is highly affected by the historical and political changes of a country. Onset of the Cold War brought about many changes in the fashion and style of the 1950s suits. This era saw a style change that had great conformity levels. Bold colors and designs were no longer accepted by the people.

Business-like suits became the fashion of the day. They were simple and variations in colors and styles were hardly seen. Men were most of the time dressed in their sober suits. Even for picnics and parties they wore them and never looked relaxed. Comfort factor was missing in these suits. They could only ease out when at home. This was more so because every individual wanted to be in conformity with the other and not stand apart.

The typical suits of the 1950s
Fashion trends are always influenced by beliefs and attitudes and in the 1950s it was a conservative society. Hence the style was always more authentic and strict type. Flannel suits became popular during this time.

Materials and colors of the suits
They were available in shades of dark blue, charcoal, and brown or gray. They were short and tapered. The jackets no longer had the shoulder pads and were single breasted. The 1950s suits were accompanied by the slimmer neckties that were worn mostly in the workplaces. The ties were as long as 52 inches but the width was in no way more than 3 inches. However the neckties were a bit colorful with stripes or tiny geometric shapes designed on a dark background. The hats too were a part of the entire suit. The materials used were namely silk, cotton or wool.

1950s suit trends were more businesslike. Men wore cufflinks with their suits both for business meetings and also when they went on a date with their spouse. This was also accessorized by the fedora hats. The movie icons too influenced the fashion trends of men in the 1950s.

Influence of designers
Men's fashion trends in the 1950's were also influenced by the movies of the day. The suits were regarded as the emblem of the era. Satin, cotton, flannel and woolen suits were the staple garments in a man's wardrobe. Great designers like Dior, Tropez and also Chanel offered high fashion suits during this time. Post war, there were slight changes. Double-breasted suits with broader shoulders and bigger trousers were worn again. The New Edwardian style introduced the lightly flared jackets, the cut was narrow and the shoulders had a natural line. The bowler hat and also an over-coat became the fashion of the late 50s.

However in the late 1950s fashion trends took a new turn. White T-shirts and blue jeans showed off the attitude and style statement of the younger generation and teenagers. Plaid jackets and single breasted suits were worn freely. Knitted shirts and sweaters too came into fashion at this time.

Although vast changes have taken place in the fashion arena, the 1950s suits have come back again as a vintage style where flecked woolen fabrics are used to give the finer looks of the apparels. It has a different sophistication altogether.

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