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From Formal To Flashy- A Sequin Tuxedo Jacket?
Mensusa From Formal To Flashy- A Sequin Tuxedo Jacket? Tuxedos are the epitome of formal. Weddings and the fanciest of gatherings require tuxedos. So why not spice things up a bit and stand out from the crowd of black tuxedos?

Tuxedos are the epitome of formal. Weddings and the fanciest of gatherings require tuxedos. So why not spice things up a bit and stand out from the crowd of black tuxedos?

What about a sequin tuxedo jacket? And don't think that this is restricted to men, do a quick search and see that women wear this type of jacket as often as men, and damn do they make it look good too.

Now, this isn't a tuxedo jacket that has sequins covering the entirety of it. No, the sequins generally have some design to them and they are used in such a way to enhance the jacket, not cover it. The intent is not to be a walking disco ball, blinding everyone when you walk into a room. When you walk into that room, you want everyone to notice what you're wearing and remember who you are. I'm sure you'll get questions about it later.

What is important is that you choose the occasion to wear a sequin tuxedo jacket. Depending on the audience, a normal tuxedo jacket might be better; for instance, a formal dinner with royalty or prominent politicians, or your wedding. But, say you are invited to a fancy gathering from Hollywood or you and your friends want to do a black-tie event; spice things up and find yourself a sequin tuxedo jacket and become the life of the party. Where you'll most likely see these is on celebrities at awards shows or premieres. The red carpet is a great place for the top designers to show off their work and know that the most number of people will see them. If you watch these awards shows, you know that what each celebrity wears is incredibly important. You would take notice if your favorite celebrity was wearing a sequin tuxedo jacket, you might even go out and get one yourself.

For good reason too. Tuxedos might be the epitome of formal, but they lack creativity and character. Those who wear them tend to all look the same because there isn't much chance for expression. With a sequin tuxedo jacket, you break that mold of formalism and bland choices. The pattern of sequins is up to you or the designer of the jacket, the color of the jacket itself, and even the style of jacket.

Coattails, maybe a nice navy blue or burgundy, and some beautiful sequins adorning the front of the jacket will really make your attire pop and leave a great first impression. It is hard to describe the appearance of someone specific from an event like this when everyone is wearing the same color and style of jacket. Yours though, it will stand out when retelling events and there is always the possibility of that leading to great opportunities. Perhaps you're on the red carpet for a movie release or you are attending a prestigious awards show, wouldn't you rather the reporter say “wow that is quite the jacket, I love the sequins on it, very stylish”, over a reporter that says “here's (insert your name) on the red carpet.” There is no mention of the jacket, what you're wearing, or anything good about you, only that you are present. Don't be the most forgettable person in the room by wearing a boring old black tuxedo jacket. Be bold, go for broke, pair the sequin jacket with some pants that are just as unique, make yourself sought after. You can always make a great impression with your personality and charm, but why not do half the work up front with your appearance that people will have a hard time forgetting.

Remember, a sequin tuxedo jacket might not be the best choice for every occasion, but it is definitely worth a thought for most. Even to wear out to dinner, or out with friends, there is absolutely nothing wrong with standing out in your colored sequin jacket. They say that first impressions last a lifetime so make it count. Use the power of the jacket to your advantage and be friendly, outgoing, charismatic and enthusiastic. I'll guarantee you'll win more people over than if you played the part of generic tuxedo dresser.

In a world where it is so easy to blend in, do all of the extra work to stand out. Find that jacket that fits you just right, spend a little extra to make sure it is unique and has character. You don't need to wear it night after night, but you might quickly find that it is your favorite go-to jacket. When you want to make a good impression on people, that is the jacket you reach for.

Maybe it is a unique color like burgundy or wine, or maybe it has coattails as well, but you can use those in tandem with sequins and when you walk into a room, no one will forget you were there. Take a risk, introduce yourself to some people you might be nervous to meet, strike up a conversation with someone random, and you might find that the jacket has special powers of its own. Just think about all the people that will want to ask you where you got it or if you made it yourself. That kind of attention doesn't happen all that much anymore, make the best of it in your sequin tuxedo jacket.

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