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Polyester Leisure Suits: Comeback of Retro Fashion

Polyester Leisure SuitWhen people think of the 70's what comes on mind is the disco culture and the figure hugging attire. The 70's era inspired bold fashion. The clothing was bright and had a lot of floral prints. In the 70's there were different trends prevalent in the fashion scenario. However, the dominant one was men wearing polyester suits. These were jacket and matching pants which was popular among young men who discarded any kind of formal attire. It was cheap and very easy to maintain. They were essentially made of double knit polyester.

The very name of polyester reminds you of the good old days of the 70's. Without polyester, the leisure suits would not have the same look. Now, after a decade of decline the big polyester producers are preparing themselves to return in the clothing market with an ultra-thin version of polyester which is known as the microfiber which has started to make its way as an integral material for suits and other garments. For most shopper it will be a welcome change especially who are keen on wearing the polyester leisure suits.

This new kind of polyester fabric feels soft, silky and is extremely lightweight. Those who remember the days of the disco will recall that leisure suits never wrinkled. The quality was noticed by the European community and hence the material became very popular. It lasted longer and was available at a cheap price. The first polyester started showing up in the United States. Although, it was difficult to string it lost tension quickly. Over the years the popularity of the polyester leisure suits increased because of the longevity.

Polyester Leisure SuitHowever, recently, there has been progress in the materials technology that made the material even more strong. Different companies have evolved their own proprietary procedures making the material string feel more comfortable. It is expected that the new material will change the way people used to see polyester and this will develop into a very big market. Choose polyester leisure suits to wear and travel back to the 1970's. You will look absolutely groovy in a matching pant and jacket. The leisure suits are made completely from polyester and generally have an elastic waistband at the back. The jacket usually features two working pockets and has a button-up front. It will go well with paisley shirts.

Leisure suits came in different types of colors such as blues, maroon, and green. These are not at all suitable for wearing in hot and humid weather as it clung to the wearer's arms and legs. Hence, it was not preferred by all men. But, still its popularity never decreased in any way. So, if you are keen on stocking up at least two of these polyester leisure suits in your closet then hurry and make a move now. All you have to do is check out some of the reliable stores from where you can make your purchase. You just have to make sure that you can buy them at a cost-effective price in a hassle-free way.

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