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Tailcoats- Demystified For You

Tail Coat
Coats have always found an important place in the world of men's clothing. They lend a man grace and stature in the society. But there are various types of coats that are worn on different occasions. One such type of coat is tailcoats. A tailcoat for men is a formal coat in which the front of the skirt is cut away and only the rear section of the skirt is left known as the tails and thus, the name tailcoat. Tailcoats were originally designed this way to make the horse ride easier for the wearer but over the course of time, tailcoats were accepted as the formal wear by the people. Tailcoats are also of various designs and types.
Tail Coats are generally distinguished as evening tailcoats and morning tailcoats, also known as cutaway in American English. While the evening coat is a pseudo double breasted model and has a sharply cut-away skirt with silk-faced lapels, the morning coat is a single breasted model and has a skirt that tapers away with self-faced lapels. Another differentiating feature is that an evening tailcoat must fit the torso so that it cannot be closed or buttoned. Although it is cut in such a manner that it cannot be buttoned but this can be accomplished only by having the tailcoat perfectly contoured to the wearer's body. A tailcoat can make any man look smart and elegant because of its excellent and accentuating cuts.
A full-dress Tail Coats adds stature to shorter as it can visually elevate the waistline. The tail coat's waistline, like any other coat resembles the wearer's natural waistline but unlike other jackets, its fronts and white waistcoat end shortly before the waistline. The white waistcoat and black trouser visually breaks the body into vertical halves as the dividing line between the two is very clear. And this visual effect gives the impression of longer legs.
The sleeves of a tailcoat are narrow just to allow the cuffs of the shirt to slip through that must be visible about half to one inch just to show the glimpse of white linen.
The coat's skirt is divided into two "tails" by a center vent that rises up to the waistline. The tails form a gentle curve at the bottom while extending down to the bend of the knee in a straight line.
The peaked lapel in the tailcoats has become a standard now. It is the most formal style and also creates the impression of a V-shaped torso with its sweeping upward diagonal lines.
Tailcoat in black has been the norm for evening events with midnight blue as a perfect option to the black. The most common fabric used for tailcoats is worsted wool. These are certain very common characteristics of a Tail Coats that a wearer must be aware of. We offer all the knowledge regarding any clothing item so that you can choose the perfect one. Our Mensusa online store offers you a wide range of tailcoats that can be easily made-to-measure according to your fit and taste. We offer quality and authentic tailcoats for your perfect formal event wear. Enjoy shopping with us.

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