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Wool Suits

Wool suits are a staple of men's wardrobes and are appropriate for business and personal events. For business, a black, navy or charcoal wool suit is often chosen. If you are building a wardrobe for work, these are three colors that you should buy to get you started. These are versatile colors and pairing them with different shirts and ties is an effective way to create many different looks.

Black remains the most common color choice in wool suits for many men. If you only own one suit, black is a good choice. Black is versatile and works well with white shirts, pale colors and bold colors. Changing the style of the shirt and tie can substantially change the look of the suit. In addition, black tends to flatter any body size or body type.

Navy blue wool suits look great with shirt colors such as white, gray and pale colors. A bolder color or pattern in the tie creates a great focal point and a more dramatic look. Navy suits for business look great with white, blue or gray shirts in either solid colors or patterns. If you have a solid shirt, a patterned tie is eye catching. If the shirt is patterned, the tie should be solid.

Charcoal gray wool suits are another popular option around the office. Gray suits look great with a white shirt or a bolder color, such as rust or green. The tie should be in the same color family as the shirt for business. If the shirt is a bold color, a more subdued pattern in the tie works well. A bold color or pattern in the tie creates a great focal point against the background of a white shirt.

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