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Finding the Perfect Suit for Black Men

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Finding the right dress suit for black men is not as easy as people might think. The number one rule for finding the perfect dress suit for black men is to search for a complementary color and style that suits the personality of the wearer. If you are more of a traditional fellow, you would prefer colors that complement time-tested classic styles. On the other hand, if you are a risk taker, you can choose various shades in a combination of styles.

Here are some ways to find the perfect suit for black men. There are many considerations including the color and size of the suit. Color of the suit and its accessories are discussed more in-depth. Nevertheless, the best place to shop for the suits is also discussed at the latter part of the article.

When it comes to color, black men can pull off various shades of suits unlike any other. Further, black men can wear any neutral color like anyone else. The most advisable suit colors for black men are Black Suit and suits in Navy Blue, Olive Green, Tan, Beige, Light Gray and Charcoal. The truth is, there are only a few colors that men can choose from. These are black, navy blue, and charcoal gray. These colors are commonly used within the industry more so because they suit the complexions of men in general. Other colors that may be explored are light gray, white, taupe, brown, and tan.

Apart from color, patterns play an important part in finding the right dress suit for black men. When it comes to dress suit patterns, there two most commonly used options: solids and pinstripes. Solids are the most traditional dress suit patterns. Dress suit for black men can either be rust to black or pale tan to charcoal gray. Charcoal gray suits are the most versatile since it can provide the flexibility that the wearer wants. These go-to suits are very practical because you can wear them from a business engagement up to a dinner date.

As with pinstripes, you can find them in various dress suit styles, from serious business suits up to fun Zoot suits. Colors that most commonly feature pinstripes include black, brown, and charcoal. Having more than one color in your suit is fine, especially if one color has pinstripes while the other color does not. You can play up pinstripes by using a shirt that matches the suit or has a color that complements the suit.

Further, the most popular dress suit styles that will look stunning on black men include the two-piece suit, the three-piece suits, and the Zoot suit. The 3 Piece Suit for black men is basically a two-piece suit worn with a matching vest. The Zoot suit is generally a dress suit available in a wide range of colors. This dress suit style has a longer jacket and a matching hat. Further, these often come with matching Oxfords, as the dress suits on Men's USA.

Suits for Black MenWhen it comes to accessorizing, dark skin complexions can suit almost anything. Choosing the color of your shirt and tie would not be very troublesome. You can go from very light up to very dark colors. No color will look too intense for your skin's complexion. As a matter of fact, any color of dress suits can be pulled off by black men other men would find difficult to pull off.

However, take note that if you have an extremely dark skin, avoiding very light pastel shades for your shirt would be wise. Very light pastel shades create too much contrast. If you are going go for pastel, choose shades of green since they have a deep effect. Shades of purple or violet may be also chosen for a dress shirt to go perfectly with the suit for black men. This, however, is only an advice rather than a rule.

Definitely, you have to determine your right size. Ill-fitting suits are a no-no, and its gives a bad impression. When you order a suit, it is critical that black men (and men in general) must have their correct measurements. Minimal measurements required include neck, chest, shoulder, waist and inseam. Tailors will have to make adjustments when required though this may be time-consuming. Thus, it is still best to make correct measurements so that there will be no need for alterations afterwards.

Moreover, knowing where to shop is also important. To find the best choice of dress suit for black men, you should try on the dress suit first before buying it. Remember that different cuts have different fits. If you have found a dress suit you would like to buy in a store, do not rush. Online shopping can offer the best deal for the dress suit you have your eyes on. However, you have to choose an online suit store that has a local store or warehouse. In this way, you may be able to try the suits for black men.

If you cannot afford to go shopping near your town, shopping online is the best way you can find the perfect dress suit for you. However, if your first dress suit for black men choices does not work, you should be ready, that is, for returns and exchange. This will only happen if you choose an online suits store with no physical presence that you may visit. This is costly, but you have to embark on the process until you find the perfect suit for black men like you.

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