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Contrast Collar Dress Shirts

The contrast collar shirt is also widely known as the banker collar shirt. This is one of the most prominent civilised dress shirt looks in the mens fashion history but in recent times men mostly avoid this look deeming it hard to pull off. Rocking the Contrast Collar dress shirt look is not an impossible feat if you know the basics involved. In this article we give you some of the styling tips which will help you rock this look.
Thecontrast collar dress shirt is a style that was made famous by notable businessmen and some of our favourite movie stars like David Beckham. The thing with contrast collar shirt is that you can pull it off easily but can also ruin the look in the same way. Thus it is important that you get to know the styling details involved in properly pulling off the look.

For people who don't know the contrast collar shirt is the shirt that has the collar in a different color from the rest of the shirt. The contrasting color of the collar is almost always white. It is very rare to find a contrasting collar shirt with collar in any color other than white. As for the history of the contrast collar shirts it is said to have originated by the mid 19th century and the story involved is fascinating. The shirt collars style has remained the same for almost more than a century. The major difference started when the shirts came with detachable collars which can be removed separately from the shirt. This was because of the fact that at those times men were mostly involved in physical labour and thus the collars were dirtied easily. But it was not possible to wash the garments daily and hence the detachable collars were introduced by which you can simply remove the collar replace it with a fresh one and use the shirt again.

The collars were also expensive to produce and thus were mass produced in the same color which is white. The convenience of the contrast collar dress shirts made them famous and soon men began to wear this style as a standard. As the clothing industry advanced the shirts were produced in different colors and patterns but the collar remained to be white. The collar can be removed and attached with any shirts thus making it a versatile style.

If you are thinking of sporting the contrast collar dress shirt style then there are some things that you will have to keep in mind. The first step is to select the standard type of collar. Point contrast collar shirts and spread contrast collar dress shirts are the ones that are most preferred. These collars have a nice spread about them which will make you look elegant and stylish at the same time. If you want a bold style then you can go with tan contrast collar dress shirts and pinned contrast collar shirts. The next thing is to select the contrasting cuff that goes well with the collar that you chose. You should make sure that the collar and the cuffs match in color.

The color of the contrast collar dress shirts matters a lot since it is the detail that instantly catches the eye of the viewer. You should select the color of the contrast collar shirt keeping in mind the purpose of the shirt. If you are getting the garment for formal use then you can go with /solid contrast collar shirts that are of classic colors like blue and pink. /Light blue contrast collar shirts and light pink contrast collar shirts are the best to be paired with formal navy and charcoal gray suits. Other than this you can also go with subtly patterned ones like pinstripe contrast collar dress shirts.

On the contrary if you are getting the shirt for casual use then you have many more options to choose from. Darker colored shirts with white collars create a nice contrast that can make you stand out. The collars frame and draw attention to the face and white collared shirts will greatly do the job. You can also try out casual patterned ones like polka dots and such.

As for styling the contrast collar shirts here are some tips that can help you through the process. For a formal look pair the /blue contrast collar shirt with navy blue suit and light colored tie. You can contrast the blue look with a pair of brown leather loafers. If you are a person who like vintage styles you can pair the /pink contrast collar shirt with red chinos and chalk striped blazer. Other than this you can try out grey contrast collar shirt and white contrast collar dress shirt for a formal look. For a more pronounced look you can pair the lime green contrast collar shirt with a khaki suit and a pair of brown leather loafers.

If you want a smart casual look you can pair the peach contrast collar dress shirt with beige chinos and charcoal gray blazer. Add a black and white striped tie and navy leather tassel loafers for an enhanced look. If you are attending a summer event like beach wedding then contrast collar shirts are a good choice. Go with light colored ones like tan contrast collar shirts and ivory contrast collar dress shirts since they look great under the natural light.

If you are styling the contrast collar shirt for slightly less formal dressy events you can try out the darker colors. Burgundy contrast collar shirt when paired with black suit can give you a elegant stylish look. You can also try out other dark colored ones like maroon contrast collar shirt and purple contrast collar dress shirt.Black contrast collar dress shirt with black suit will give you a stylish all black look.