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Cotton Dress Shirt

White cotton dress shirt Cotton is the most preferred fabric when it comes to mens dress shirts. It has many advantages that make it popular among men all over the world. A cotton dress shirt can give you a perfectly fitted garment that frames your face and directs the attention towards it. Another main reason cotton dress shirts are preferred largely is due to the comfort that it offers. You probably have an array of cotton dress shirts in your wardrobe but you may not know the ways that will make it a versatile garment that you can style with elements in your wardrobe. Here is everything you need to know about cotton dress shirts and some styling tips on it.

Cotton dress shirts are soft and comfortable to wear. They are lightweight and breathable making it a good summer garment. Most of the people who have to suit up on a daily basis, battle the problem of sweating during the hot months. The classic dress shirts allow the air to move through the garment thus keeping the wearer cool through the day. Cotton dress shirts are also moisture absorbent thus absorbs the perspiration. It is said that the cotton dress shirt or any cotton garment can take your one fifth of its weight in moisture before it starts to feel damp. Thus they greatly help the men who sweat easily without feeling uncomfortable in the garment the whole day. This is the reason why cotton garments are recommended for men during exercising and who are in works that involve physical labor.

cotton Checkered dress shirt Tuxedo shirts also have automatic thermal insulation which keeps the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer. This is because of the fact that the garment traps air on its fibers which results in the insulation and comfort properties of the cotton dress shirts. These cotton fibers also help the garment stay away from sticking to the skin of the wearer. Cotton is a natural fabric and hence rarely causes allergic reactions. This is the reason why cotton dress shirts are recommended for people with sensitive skin and why they are used for medical products like bandages and such. Cotton is also the fabric that is greatly preferred for baby clothing since the new born since is delicate and sensitive.

Cotton dress shirts are durable and can perform well in wear and tear because of its high tensile strength. Cotton dress shirt can stretch easily and thus is comfortable to wear. When they are made tight and dense they turn into weather resistant garments while still retaining the comfort and breathability. Pure cotton dress shirts can be costly and if it is not within your budget then you can try the blended cotton dress shirts. Polyester blended fancy dress shirts will be cheaper when compared to 100% cotton dress shirts but with the amount of blend the properties are also affected. These cotton blended dress shirts might not be as soft and comfortable as the pure cotton dress shirts. Polyester blend cotton dress shirts are recommended if you are a person who works a white collar job and does not require much physical labor.

Another reason the cotton dress shirts are the popular choice of men is because of their versatility. When you know to style it right you can almost pair the cotton dress shirts with almost any garment in your wardrobe be it formal or casual. Cotton dress shirts can be worn with a tuxedo for a strictly formal look, styled with a blazer for a smart casual look and then with a jeans or shorts for a casual look. You just need to get the styling details right and also have a little sense of trend of that time.

dark purplecotton dress shirt Color of the cotton dress shirt is the thing that gathers most attention. White cotton dress shirts are the ones that are recommended when you get your first plaid dress shirt. This is because of the fact that white cotton dress shirt is almost the basic of any formal wear and sometimes the casual wear too. A navy blue suit with a white cotton dress shirt and a navy tie is a great look for any formal event.

If you are bored with the white shirt style then try out the light blue cotton dress shirt and light pink cotton dress shirt as a replacement. A navy blue suit paired with light blue cotton dress shirt and a blue striped tie is a good tonal look that you can rock to the office. A charcoal gray suit paired with light pink cotton dress shirt is also a great look for a causal day at your office.

Black cotton dress shirt falls on the casual side of the spectrum and can be used for dressy purposes. A black suit paired with black cotton dress shirt and a black tie is a stylish all black look. You can contrast it with a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes.

butter dress shirt Gingham shirt is also a good look when you need a dressy look. A navy blue cotton dress shirt paired with tan dress pants and cognac leather shoes is a great smart casual look. For a still more casual look pair the bright blue cotton dress shirt with white jeans or chinos. The basic rule is to stick with lighter shades for formal use and darker or brighter shades for casual use.

Long sleeve cotton dress shirts are the ones that are most preferred since you can use it as both formal and casual. You can wear it with suits and blazers and at the same time style it with jeans and shorts with the sleeves rolled up. Short sleeve cotton dress shirts are mostly reserved for casual use. As for the fit, slim fit cotton dress shirts are recommended for formal use while the slightly roomier ones like classic fit cotton dress shirts are best for casual use. If you aren't satisfied try out the big and tall cotton dress shirts.