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Mens Exotic Skin Shoes

Exotic skin shoes have become a buzz in recent times with more and more people finding the look. If you are a person who loves to try out new styles and do not mind donning unique styles, then mens exotic skin shoes are the best option for you. The exotic skin shoes give out an sophisticated look that is different from the usual leather shoes. While the calfskin leather shoes would be enough for the usual activities, the special events would demand you choose a better look. In that case, the mens exotic skin shoes would be a great idea for elevating your look. Read this article further to find the different styles of the mens exotic skin shoes and the distinguishing characteristics of each of it.

Ostrich Shoe If you are a high fashion person who loves to keep in touch with the trends, then you might already know about the craze surrounding the exotic skin shoes. For a striking look that could turn heads the exotic skin shoes would offer the best look. While choosing these shoes, there are a few things that you will have to note.

The first thing is the durability of the shoes. Different exotic skins have a different level of durability and thus you should keep in mind this factor while choosing the shoes. Other than this, the flexibility of the shoes determine the comfort with which the wearer can wear the shoes. Though the skin is tough, it should be flexible to a degree or it can cause a lot of creasing. The size of the scales on the mens exotic leather shoes is another important thing to note. If you are a subtle dresser, then it would be a better choice to go with the shoes with smaller scales. But if you want a flashy style, then choose the ones with bigger scales.

If you have been quite impressed with the look of the mens exotic skin shoes and want to get one for yourself, then we have some suggestions for you. Here are some of the most preferred exotic skin shoes that you should consider while purchasing this style.

Alligator belly skin

Grey Shoe If you have done your research about the exotic skin shoes already, then you must know that the mens alligator skin shoes are the most popular and also the most expensive. The characteristics of the alligator skin makes them one of the best leathers to be used for the making of these shoes.

For example the alligator shoes come with great flexibility and softness that makes it comfortable for the person to wear it. The leather from both the back and belly of the alligator is used for the making of shoes. The leather from the back is harder and stronger making them preferred for the making of the exotic skin boots. But the belly skin is much softer thus making it preferable for the mens exotic skin dress shoes. If you are looking for a cool and elegant pair of dress shoes like dark brown dress shoes , then you should think of choosing alligator skin shoes.

Crocodile skin shoes

These are the second most popular choice when it comes to exotic skin shoes. If you consider that the price of the alligator skin shoes is too much but you still like the look of it, then you should think of going with the crocodile skin mens shoes. Crocodile flank shoes are considered to be the best since they come with the consistent scale shapes on it. If you have been looking for a pair of shoes which gives you a cool and fashionable look then we would suggest you to choose black or brown caiman skin shoes.

The reason why people sometimes prefer mens caiman shoes over crocodile flank shoes is because of the fact that they come from belly and thus they are much more softer and flexible. While going with the flank or the caiman shoes, you should make sure that you order then in pairs so that the pattern on the shoes match.

Lizard skin shoes

Camel Shoe This is one of the styles of exotic skin shoes that has been gaining a lot of attention in recent times. Lizard skin has a lot of advantages when it comes to the making of the shoes. One reason is that the scale on the lizards are very small when compared to the alligators and crocodiles. The scales are also regularly placed giving the shoes a perfect look. If you are a person who is a subtle dresser and want a conservative look then you should choose to go with the mens black lizard shoes or brown lizard shoes. Also the lizard shoes are much more affordable since they are easy to create because of the flexibility.

Ostrich skin shoes

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that are durable while offering a fashionable look, then mens ostrich skin shoes are your best choice. Ostrich leather is by far considered to be the strongest of the leathers available. As for the making of the shoes, the skin is usually obtained from the neck or the leg of the ostrich. If you are looking for a pair of formal shoes, then you should go with the full quill ostrich dress shoes. There are various other options when it comes to ostrich skin shoes and depending on your taste you can make your pick.

If you have decided to choose the mens exotic shoes, you should make sure that you choose the authentic ones. Branded exotic skin shoes sellers would offer you a guarantee on the quality of these shoes. When you go with the anonymous sellers, chances are high that the shoes are duplicate with the leather being machine printed. If you consider the price to be too high, then you can choose the wholesale exotic skin shoes. You can create different mens exotic shoes outfits with the shoes depending on the look you need.