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Mens Herringbone Blazer

Usually when you choose suits though there are a lot of choices we tend to go with the classic ones like the navy suits and charcoal suits. These are the most versatile picks and thus are the most preferred. But when you are bored with these usual styles and want to try something different then you can choose to go with the blazers. The blazers offer you more choice and freedom since they do not come with the matching trousers. You can pair the blazers with different garments for various events. Again there are a lot of styles in the mens blazers differing in colors and textures. In this article we discuss the herringbone blazers and all that you need to know about the garment before you get it for yourself.

Vested Suit The herringbone men's blazers are a British style classic and it is one of the favorite textures in menswear. The herringbone pattern is characterized by the zig zag pattern which resembles the shape of the skeleton of a fish called herring. The herringbone men's blazers are considered to be the best choices for the winter and autumn events. The bold pattern of the herringbone gives the garment richness and texture which makes it a favorite among people who like vintage styles.

The herringbone cloth is often made with tweed and the fabric is said to have originated from Scotland. This was the time when the English were buying lands in Scotland for hunting or creating estates. The herringbone cloth was reserved for the hunting trips since the slightly heavy woven cloth was the practical choice for the winter months and it also was durable for the trips. People who loved to stand out with their style went with the herringbone garments.

When choosing the herringbone blazers there are a few things that you will have to note. The details of the herringbone mens blazers should be carefully noted for the fabric to give out a proper look. Starting with the color of the herringbone men's blazers usually these garments come in the neutral tones since they were initially used for the hunting trips and the earthy tones helped the people blend in with the surroundings better. You can choose the herringbone men's blazers color depending on the event you are attending and what would be an appropriate style for the said event. For example if you are looking for a formal garment that you can occasionally style for your regular office day then go with the herringbone classic blazers in the standard colors like blue or grey. These classic styles of the herringbone blazers though of the same colors will offer you a distinct look rather than your plain navy and characoal grey suits.

Tweed Blazer Though these subtle shades of the mens herringbone blazers are the most prevalent style there are also lighter and brighter shades of the garment. If you are looking for a herringbone casual blazer then you can choose the brighter styles like burnt orange herringbone and green herringbone men's blazers. You can also choose the color of the herringbone men's blazers depending on the prevalent color of the combining garments in your wardrobe and the coordination which would be best for your outfit.

While styling the herringbone mens blazers you can choose any types of styles for the outfit. When you need a simple and classic outfit you can choose to go with the herringbone blazers outfit with the combining garments of the similar tones. But when you need a stylish and modern look you can choose to pair the herringbone blazers with contrasting colored combining garments. You can style up or down the herringbone blazer mens according to your need but make sure that the combining garments look the best when styled with the herringbone men's blazers.

Here are some of the styling ideas of the herringbone men's blazers which we think might help you get the best look for any type of event. For a formal and classic look you can choose to style the herringbone pattern blazer with a white dress shirt, beige print tie and a pair of dark brown dress pants. To properly complete the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black socks and dark brown leather loafers. For a still more dressed up and elegant look you can style the herringbone tweed blazer with a light blue striped dress shirt, navy print tie, navy pocket square and a pair of navy dress pants. To coordinate the outfit and produce a slightly contrasting look you can add with it a pair of Burgundy socks and Burgundy leather tassel loafers. If you expect the weather to be more chilly then you can add with the outfit a vest which will act as the extra layer which will keep you warmer.

Grey Blazer Brown Blazer Black Blazer Slimfit Blazer

If you are choosing to go with the casual herringbone blazer outfits then you can pair it with the t-shirts or the turtlenecks. Depending on the event you are styling the herringbone blazer mens you can pair the garment with different styles. For example if you want a stylish yet simple to put together look you can style the herringbone slim fit blazer with a black turtleneck and complete the look by adding a pair of black leather tassel loafers with the outfit. But when you need a classy and laid back style then you can choose to style the herringbone 3 button blazer with a white and navy striped dress shirt and a pair of white chinos. To finish off the look you can add with the garment a pair of brown leather Oxford shoes.

Other than the solid herringbone blazers mens you can try the patterned ones too. Herringbone check blazers and herringbone blazer plaid are the ones that are most recommended ones and they are easier to style. Also make sure of the fit of the garment you choose especially if you buy herringbone jacket online. Skinny herringbone blazers and slim fit herringbone men's blazers are the best choices and you can choose the one which suits your body type.