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Navy Blazers

While going through the men's fashion, there are some constant garments in every men's wardrobe. Navy is the color that you definitely want to infuse in all your clothing. Navy clothing takes the prominent place whether it is a casual or formal event. From suits to shirt navy adds a refined look. You can also add a navy blazer into your daily repertoire that easily can be dressed up or down. If you want to add something new in your closet, it is best to choose garments in navy. Men who love to mix and match combinations can choose a navy blazer to bring more look. The navy blazer is the essential piece in every man's wardrobe that will help you in all difficult decisions. Continue reading to get more information and look offered by navy blazer.

Mens Navy Blue Shawl Lapel Wool Blazer Jacket

There are many colors to give your desired look, but why choose a navy blazer? Why is it the first priority when choosing a suit or a blazer? When you search for the basic and essential blazer to have in your wardrobe, navy blazer is the first one that pops. According to many fashion experts, this blazer stands between the line of formal and casual look. It is chosen not only for its versatile nature, it allows you to pair it up with anything and gives you the ready to go outfit. When choosing a navy blazer, there are a lot of variants to consider. The plain or solid navy blazer lets you experiment with all the different patterns and give you more options to fit with the proper accessories. From checkered to floral shirts, teaming a navy blazer is so easy. If you want to achieve a more formal look in the navy blazer, then peak lapel navy blazer is the best choice. From interviews to all the places which call for an on-duty ensemble, match a peak lapel navy blazer with a navy chinos and a white shirt. This classic combo will never go out of style and will not let you down. It is best to choose natural fabric like wool and cotton to have a polished look. For icy cold weather, pair a navy wool blazer with white or light grey sweater when you opt for utmost comfort.

For any season, a navy blazer fits you right anywhere for all occasions. Some men may find a navy blazer a regular one, they can go with different patterns. There are many patterns like checkered, plaid, stripes, herringbone or tartan to give a unique look. Patterned blazers stay in trend and are a definite way to add a new look. Herringbone is one of the patterns that gains more popularity among many fashion loving people.Navy Herringbone blazer with white or light grey blend gives the surprisingly appealing look. Combining this blazer with cream pants gives you the smart casual attire. Wear this for your family gathering or for your dinner date to show off your fashion skills.

From weddings to job interview men, this is a blazer which is generally preferred to offer a formal look. While blazers are a great garment for your off-duty ensemble, going for a pinstripe navy blazer gives the formal look. Whether it be a financial or corporate place, pinstripe blazers are considered to be more formal than a solid navy blazer. Navy blazers chosen by business people that allow them to illuminate in a more classy way. Weddings are the special moments in our life that we cherish throughout life. When you are the person who likes to mix and match the outfit, then the versatile garment is the navy three piece blazer. This comes with a blazer and vest that can be worn separately to derive the new outfit. If you want to look especially stunning, then go for fancy patterns in a navy blazer. The navy paisley blazer with golden patterns gives you the perfect outfit for the party and when you want to look sleek and cool. You can also go for a sequin navy blazer that is easy to create a festive attire in a more dressy way.

Men generally tend to pair a navy blazer with dark colors or they prefer nude shades like ivory, tan and beige colors. But matching it with light colors like pink or lavender is a sure way to give the elegant finish. To create the playful vibe try pairing it with orange and yellow. A tie and pocket squares are the simple accessory to make your outfit. Pairing it with a coordinated tie will complete your outfit according to your needs. You can pick ties with polka dots, plaid or floral pattern as per your desired look.

1 button blazer All men love to have a sharp look when wearing a suit or a blazer. This look can be achieved when wearing a slim fit navy blazer. To smarten up your look, pick an extra long navy blazer. Men with lean and tall body type can opt this blazer to have an elongated silhouette. Rather than creating a formal look, navy blazer out stands all the modern colored blazers when crafted in polka dot design. Show that no other color can be compared with this blazer. If you buy a blazer, it is always wise to choose well tailored clothes. Whether it is a plain navy or navy checkered blazer, choose a suit according to your appearance. If you are buying a single blazer for every occasion, try a notch lapel navy blazer. If you are going to choose a single blazer, the two button notch lapel single breasted navy blazer is ideal for every event. Choosing the perfect shoe is very important to complete your look. For a fail safe choice, pair the navy blazer with brown or dark brown shoes. If you want to ramp up your getup, you can go for floral, denim and white shoes.

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