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Green Blazer

We all know that there is a long list of underutilized colors when it comes to mens clothing. One among them is green and some may argue against this claim. Now when you carefully look among the green clothing that you have in your wardrobe high chances are that you have a military T-shirt or a trench coat. These are customary green garments that do not look as great if not in green. But you need to step out of this bubble and try out something new like a green blazer. In this article we discuss the styling of green blazers for an impeccable style.

Mint Green Blazer With the fashion world taking over the younger generation now is the time that people are open to new styles as never before. While the Navy suits and charcoal gray suits dominated the menswear now you can see the slight variations that are taking over in the form of burgundy suits and olive green suits. So if you are hesitant about trying the green blazer then remember that everyone are trying out new styles and people aren't critical as before.

Now the reason we recommend green blazers over the billion styles available is the varying styles that it offers. Green is a color that can adapt well with the surroundings. There is a style ready for everyone if only you know to look right. The numerous shades available in green can give you a look that you desire. When you want a traditional look that you can even wear to the office then you can choose to go with olive green blazers. This shade of green is dark and thus blends in well for formal events. If you want a dressy look that borders on royalty then we recommend you to try the jewel green blazer. This muted shade of green blazer will offer you a rich look that you can style to special occasions. The dark green Men's blazers are the ones that are most recommended for formal events and if you are trying out the green blazer style for the first time then it might be best for you to start with dark green Men's blazers.

Olive Green Blazer Now if you want a garment that you can wear to casual events like summer parties and such then we recommend you to choose brighter or lighter shades of green. Mint green Men's blazers are recommended when you require a fresh look for a sunny day. The light yet muted shade of green will give you the perfect look that makes you look stylish without looking like you tried much. For a style that truly makes you stand out from the crowd and receive a lot of attention we recommend you to try the lime green blazer. The almost neon shade is a experimental color that needs to be styled perfect. The variety of choices in the green Men's blazers might make you want to try one for yourself.

As for styling the green blazers here are some ideas that we think might help you in the process. The varying shade of the green Men's blazers makes it possible to wear the garment for all seasons given that the shade of appropriate. As with most of the garments the dark green Men's blazers can be styled for both formal and casual events while the light green Men's blazers are best suited for casual events. Consider the season at which the event is taking place along with the formality of the event to make the perfect pick.

For a garment that you can wear to your regular office day we recommend you to go with a darker shade of green wool blazers. To be particular the flannel green blazers are much preferred for a clean formal look. A olive green single breasted green blazer paired with a white dress shirt, burgundy vertical striped tie and black dress pants is a good look for a formal style. You can add on to the formality of the outfit by pairing it with black leather oxford shoes.

Hunter Green Jacket Wool Green Blazer Apple Green Blazer

If you are living in a tropical country then it might be a good choice to go with lightweight green blazers instead of the wool ones. Cotton green Men's blazers and green linen blazers are also a good choice when you want a semi formal or casual garment that you can wear to summer weddings and beach parties. For a laid back yet stylish look you can pair the notch lapel green blazer with a white crew neck tshirt and contrast the look with a pair of orange suede loafers. For a slightly formal look you can pair the green peak lapel blazer with a white dress shirt and white dress pants.

For a dressy look that you can wear to important events it can be a good choice to go with luxurious ones like green silk blazers and velvet green blazers. While you go with these green blazers we recommend you to select darker shades like olive green or jewel green that brings out the true rich look if the garment. A silk floral green blazer paired with white dress shirt, navy Paisley tie and navy dress pants is a great look when you want to attend a event where you are required to dress up. For a distinct look you can pair the mint double breasted blazer with yellow satin dress shirt and navy chinos. You can complete the look with a pair of green socks and brown suede oxford shoes.

The main reason men avoided wearing clothes of color in early times was because the fitting at that time was nowhere near perfect. But in recent times you can get the fit of your desire by simply putting your measurements on a online clothing site. Thus make sure that you go with the best fit for your green blazer. green Slim fit blazers are the ones that are most preferred since it suits men of almost all body types. The green skinny fit blazers are recommended for men who like a roomier style.