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White And Gold Blazer

When it comes to blazers there is very little chance that men divert from the usual custom if choosing the navy blazers and charcoal gray blazers. But there are a lot more choices that you can choose from since the fashion industry has come a long way in the recent times. While blazers may not be the first thing that you reach out when you go on blazer shopping and it might even more deter you to see that the white blazers have gold colored decorations on it. In this article we discuss the white and gold blazer and why you should have one in your wardrobe.

Floral  Blazer The reason why men tend to avoid white and gold blazers or the white blazers on the whole is that they think that the bright style is hard to pull off. We accept that it might take some time and effort to properly style the white and gold blazers when compared to the usual black blazers but it is worth it. So if you are a person who sticks to the usual style but is braving a little to try on something new then read the article further to properly style the white and gold blazers.

fancy Printed Blazer The white and gold blazers will be sure to attract a lot of attention and therefore it is important that you wear the garment with confidence. The white and gold blazers might not be the garment that you can wear to your regular office day and it is best to style them for the semi formal and casual events where you don't mind being the center of attention. For example if you are the groom of the summer wedding then the stylish white and gold blazer might be a good look since it will make you look special and dashing on your special day. Better yet it will make you stand out from the crowd of guests wearing the usual suits and tuxedos thus not letting anyone steal your thunder. A shawl lapel white and gold blazer paired with a light yellow dress shirt and black dress pants might be a good style for the groom attire. The white and gold peak lapel blazer is considered to be a more formal option compared to both shawl lapel and notch lapel white and gold blazers.

Other than the usual solid white and gold blazer style you can try out the patterned ones. For example floral white and gold blazers and Paisley white and gold blazers have more appeal to the eyes when compared to the solid ones. In the same way the single breasted white and gold blazers might be a better versatile option when compared with the white and gold double breasted blazer style.

Whichever be the style you choose make sure that the garment is of the right fit since white tends to attract attention. white and gold Slim fit blazers and white and gold skinny fit blazers might be great choices when you need a fitting style.