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Black 3 Piece Suits

Mens-Two-Buttons-Black-Suit Black 3 piece suits have had a very long history when it comes to mens fashion and continue to do so. But in recent times the black suit trend is dwindling with some referring it as a boring style. But this has already happened in history and every time it happens the black suit has made a stunning comeback and we think that it will always be the case. But when it comes to referencing black suit as boring may be due to ignorance since it is one of the most versatile piece of garment that you can own in your wardrobe. In this article we discuss about black 3 piece suits and some innovative ways to make the best use of them.

The black 3 piece suit has a refined look about it which can easily make the wearer look sophisticated for any special event like formal dinner party or important office meeting. The classic black 3 piece suit comes with a vest in addition the the jacket and trousers. The 3 button suit gives a formal serious look when paired with a white dress shirt and thus can be worn to any formal events. For a little more dressy look you can pair the black 3 piece suit with a black dress shirt. This all black palette is a style that is often preferred by fashionably elite men.

Dark-Black-Denim-Zoot-Suit The main thing that most people argue against the black 3 piece suit is that sometimes they tend to look out of place especially in the casual events. But the problem can be easily solved by simply losing the vest and wearing the garment as a black 2 piece suit. This is one of the reasons that we argue that adding a black 3 piece suit to your wardrobe is the right choice. Now if you are convinced and is thinking about getting a black 3 piece suit then there are some things that you will have to note while purchasing for it.

Black is obviously a dark color and adding on the fact that it is a 3 piece garment the fabric from which the suit plays a major role in the comfort of the wearer. For formal use wool black 3 piece suit is the one that is most recommended but if the formal event is a summer wedding then we recommend you to go with cotton black 3 piece suit. If it is a semi formal event and one which receives a lot of natural light like a beach wedding or a garden wedding then linen black 3 piece suits are the best. Since linen tends to wrinkle fast make sure you press it properly before use or instead go with blended linen which wrinkles much less. For a casual event like summer parties or such you can go with champangne suit. Dark colors tend to attract a lot of heat and thus make sure you compensate it with selecting a lighter and breathable fabric.

If you are attending a special occasion where you don't mind being the center of attraction then you can go with silk black 3 piece suit or velvet black 3 piece suit. These fabrics have a subtle sheen which makes them stand out among the crowd even if it is the usual black suit. Synthetic ones like polyester black 3 piece suits and rayon black 3 piece suits are the best when you need a cheaper priced garments.

The next thing that you will have to focus on is getting the right fit of the black 3 piece suit. As mentioned before the black 3 piece suit has a default formal look to it but going with a perfect fit will accentuate the look a lot more. A proper black 3 piece suit should be cut roomy so that you can easily button up the vest. Slim fit black 3 piece suit has a great look to it and can be worn by men of most body types. The skinny fit is slightly casual for the formal look of the garment. When it comes to business black 3 piece suit it is best to go with classic cut black 3 piece suit.

Mens-3-Button-Solid As for styling the black cotton suit here are some ideas that might give a new fashion twist to the garment. Mens black 3 piece suit worn as a whole paired with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie can be a great look for any formal events like weddings and even black tie events. You can replace the bow tie with a long tie and wear it to business gatherings. For a little more relaxed look lose the vest and go with 2 piece look instead.

A plaid suit paired with a white dress shirt and a red tie is a perfect business 3 piece suit look. You can complete the look by adding a pair of black leather oxford shoes. A black 2 piece suit paired with a light blue dress shirt and a black tie is a good look for a casual day at office. For a distinct look you can lose the jacket and instead go with the vest and trousers look of the black 3 piece suit. The vest always fits close to the body of the wearer and thus gives a slim silhouette. Vested 3 piece suit look gives a more authentic and dressy feel to the outfit.

You can also wear the black 3 piece suit as separates. Vest is the most versatile part of the black 3 piece suit. You can pair the vest with a blue dress shirt, blue jeans and gray tie for a dandy look. You can wear this look for any of your date night. Other than this you can opt to go with a smart casual look by pairing the black 2 piece suit with a black turtle neck or a crew neck T-shirt and a pair of loafers.