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Colorful Suits

While the usual color of suits like navy suits, charcoal grey suits and black suits dominate the sales it is important to note that all these colors mostly border on the neutral shades so there isn't much color that you are wearing on the daily basis. But in recent times there is a surge in the number of men who are ready to try out something new other than the above mentioned neutral shades. In this article we discuss about colorful suits and some of the best choices among them which you can start with for this season.

When we mention colorful suits most tend to instantly imagine the vivid ones like hot pink suits and bright red ones which most tend to avoid on the first glance. But there are a lot of more options available when it comes to colorful suits and there is a choice for everyone regardless of your taste. Whether you be the classy dresser or a trendy dresser you can go through the lot of styles available in the market and then choose the one that suits you best. Some of the colorful suits might be considered to be unconventional but when you style it right with proper combining garments and for the right atmosphere it will work perfectly.

When we say colorful suits we mention every other colors except the navy, black and grey which usually come under the neutral spectrum. The colorful suits that you choose might be of light colors like light blue suits and pastel pink suits to the dark ones like burgundy suits or the olive green suits. For selecting the color it may be best to first consider the event for which you are getting the suit and also the taste. Here are some styling ideas that we think might help you decide when you go with the colorful suits option.

If you are a classy dresser and trying out the colorful suits style for the first time then it is best to style them for special occasions so that you get used to the style first. Summer weddings are one of the best events where you can style the colorful suits without attracting much attention. You can start off slow with a colorful light blue suit paired with standard combining garments like white dress shirt and navy tie. But if you are the groom and intend to be the center of attraction for the event you can go with cream suits or off white suits. While some might argue that white also comes under the neutral spectrum the bright nature of the white and off white suits make us classify it under colorful suits. Also the white suits tend to attract much more attention than the light colored suits. If you are hesitant to go with the all white suit then you can opt for separates by pairing the white suit jacket with dark colored trousers for a balanced look. For these special occasions you can go with the shawl lapel colorful suits since the style is gives the wearer an elegant look.

Floral Fashion Suits Other than this you can go with the green colorful suits when you do not want to deviate away much from the navy suit style. There are different shades of green suits available and you can choose the one that best suits your need. When you need to style these colorful fashion suits for your summer office day then you can go with the dark one like olive green suits. A peak lapel colorful suit paired with a light blue striped dress shirt and black tie is a great look. Other than this you can go with the brighter styles like emerald green suits when you need to style the outfit for special occasions like dinner parties and weddings. Single breasted colorful suits paired with a white dress shirt and black silk tie might be a good style when you need an elegant style. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather tassel loafers.

Another style of trendy colorful suits that you can try out this season is the Burgundy suits. Burgundy suits like the olive green suits might serve as the subtle start for the people who are still hesitant to try out the colorful suits. Burgundy suits have managed to become a major trend with attracting a lot of celebrities too. This may be because of the fact that the burgundy suits are relatively easy to style and look flattering on almost all skin tones. The burgundy suits also give the wearer a subtle yet stylish look that is hard to achieve. For a classy look which you can wear for the formal events you can go with this style of double breasted colorful suit paired with a white dress shirt and navy knit tie. But if you want a little more creative style then we would recommend you to go with something tonal. For example a burgundy casual colorful suit paired with a pale pink crew neck tshirt might also be a great look.
Mens two piece slim fit suit
Lastly if you are a person who constantly observes the prevailing trends in mens fashion then you would have noted that the pastel colorful suits are thriving well this year. The soft style that is best for the summer and spring style can also be a great option for trying the colorful suit style. The ice cream shades of colorful suits have been appearing constantly in the runways of the prominent brands. If you are a bold dresser then you can go with these fashionable colorful suits. Which ever the style you choose make sure it is of the perfect fit since the colors tend to be eye catching.

For example a colorful slim fit suit of pastel pink paired with light grey crew neck tshirt might be a great look for summer. Other than this you can also pair the classic fit colorful suit of pale blue with white dress shirt and sneakers for a stylish look.