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Colorful Suit

Colorful Suit

As time changes people's choice of wearing also changes. And that time has gone when men had only a limited choice of colors to wear. And if we talk about men's suits then there is no doubt colorful suits are becoming trendy. Now people are wearing suits other than typical suit colors like gray, black and navy.

There are plenty of suit colors which are acceptable now and men are wearing them to look great. Red, purple, green, yellow etc are some men's suit colors that are a great addition to menswear suiting. Many brands and designers are adopting the trend of colored suits and the main reasons for the rise of these suits are recent development and new interpretation of menswear.

These suits can be worn on any occasion by following some rules because not all suits are acceptable for any occasion. Once you know suits colors that match with your complexion and how to wear them then you are ready to rock. But before wearing a colorful suit you must have to know some rules that will help you to choose the right color suit according to occasion, season and your complexion. So go through this article to know all the points that are important to wear colorful suits.

Colorful Suits For Different Skin Tones

Picking the right suit color according to your skin tone is as important as fitting and style of your suit. Because some suits colors are best for some skin tones and some are for different ones. Let's discuss suits color according to complexion.

Suit Colors For Dark Complexion

Dark skin tone people have more color options compared to other skin tones. However, choose the color combinations that make your looks better. Olive green, burgundy, camel and mustard are tweed suit colors for dark complexion.

Avoid wearing brown color suits because it gives you a bleeding look and your skin and suit cant be not differentiate. Navy blue is also not suitable for dark complexion but you can wear lighter blue shades.

Suit Colors For Medium Complexion

Warm and bright colored suits go well with medium complexion. Ideal suit colors for medium complexion are different shades of brown, eggshell, cream and bright red.

Tans and greens are too close to your own skin color so better to avoid these suits. Pastel colors are also best for medium complexion.

Suit Colors For Light Complexion

Dark colors like black, navy and charcoal are some best colorful suit for light complexion. Even you can wear pastel shades in summer.

For a supremely fair person, bottle and forest green are also preferable. Fair people can also wear brown suits.

Colorful Suits For Different Occasions

You can also wear colorful suits on any occasion but you should have proper knowledge about which suit is perfect for which occasion. So here i have discussed some best suit colors which are acceptable for different occasions like weddings, proms, job interviews.

Colorful Suits For Wedding

If you want some alternatives of neutral colorful suits for your wedding then there are various colors available that are perfect for a colorful wedding look. These suit colors for weddings not only add charm in your personality but it also makes you outstanding and differentiate you from your guests and groomsmen.

Jewel tones like burgundy, purple, red, emerald, rust and orange are ideal for winter weddings and bright and pastel colors are ideal for summer and spring weddings. Most popular and trendy colors are deep red, teal and emerald for weddings.

If you want a stylish jewel-toned groom look then a purple suit color for wedding is a nice option. You can ensemble this suit with a white shirt and a purple tie.

Prom Suit Colors

If you want to avoid looking boring on your prom night then you should definitely try colorful suits. Light pink, bright orange, Augusta green, lavender are some best colorful prom suit colors. These suits will give you a stylish look and allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Trendy printed blazers and luxurious crushed velvet suits will rock your look in proms. You can also wear colorful suit jackets on prom suit. An emerald green velvet jacket will make you feel like a million bucks. You can pair it with black trouser, white shirt and black bow tie.

Job Interview Suit Colors

Your dress color is also important to make a good impression in a job interview. You have to select suit colors according to your job type for which you are interviewing because some colors work better for certain career types.

If your interview is for traditional jobs like law, business or banking then neutral colors are the best color suit for job interviews and if the interview is for some creative job then you have an option of colorful suits like green purple or yellow.

Colorful Suits For Different Season

Choosing suit colors according to seasons is very important because all suits are not for all seasons. As summer is a hot season that's why you need to wear lighter color and in winter you need to wear darker color. Here are some color considerations according to season.

Summer Suit Colors

In summer, sun-shines are strongest and hardest that's why you should wear lighter color suits which will keep you fresh and relaxed. As a lighter color, your suit must be of lightweight fabrics for summer suits. Light pink, lilac, light blue, and green are some best summer suit colors.

A lilac suit is ideal for a relaxed look in summer. You can wear a lilac shirt with this suit and can accessorize with a lilac tie and pocket square.

Nothing more cool than a light pink suit in the summer season. You can make this suit visually very appealing by accessorizing it with a pink tie, lapel flower or pocket square.

Winter Suit Colors

Do you want to look boring in your winter suiting? Obviously a big No, you have a huge collection of colored suits to style your winter suit look that will give you a warm feeling.

Just because winter is a prime time for dark color suits, it doesn't mean you can't wear a colorful suit. Apart from gray, navy and black you have some more winter suit colors like olive, burgundy, camel. Hunter green, plum, oxblood, cognac. These are some great colors for cooler months which will make you a true connoisseur of style.

Fall Suit Colors

Fall is the best season of the year. It is the best time when you can be creative for your dresses and can make a style statement.

Orange, burgundy, emerald or olive green, brown, camel and teal are some best fall suit colors.You can make your fall suits eye-catching with accessories.

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