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Light Blue Suits

2 Button Style Suit It can be safely said that blue is the most important color when it comes formal garments like suits and tuxedos. But not all blue suits are equal in the eyes of men. There are a vast collection of shades in the blue suits and the preference made based on the type of occasion you are dressing for and the taste of the wearer. While the navy blue suits and midnight blue suits dominate the market since they have a formal look to them the lighter shades of blue suits do not enjoy the same popularity. Compared to the Navy suits the light blue men's suits and the sky blue suits are rarely preferred especially for the formal events. But in recent times the light blue men's suits are attracting the eyes of the younger generation and thus in this article we discuss the light blue suits and some of the best ways to style them.

Two-Buttons-Light-Blue-Suit The main reason for the popularity of the blue suits is that they give a neutral look that is not as intense as the black suits but at the same time not as sombre as the gray suits. The blue color suits all skin tones thus delivering a balanced easy look. Also the blue suits are a versatile style that you can style to most events. The darker shades of blue suits are the most versatile ones that you can wear to any type of events without standing out too much. But when it comes to lighter shades they are mostly avoided for formal use or for any serious events. Light blue men's suits are mostly considered to be the summer garments that you can wear to semi formal and casual events. Business meetings tend to be intense and the holiday feel of the sky suit contrasts the tense atmosphere too much. Thus we recommend you to go with light blue men's suits for the casual events like weddings and parties.

Warm seasons like summer and spring are usually associated with fun and parties. Also these are the events that most of the weddings are scheduled to happen. Thus to match this fun feel of the season we recommend you to purchase a blue plaid suit. The light blue suit perfectly reflects the feel of the season when compared to the dark ones like black suits or navy suits. Also the fact that the dark colored suits tend to attract and retain much heat when compared to light colored suits is also another reason why the light colored suits are recommended for the warmer seasons. The light colored clothing tends to reflect the heat thus making it comfortable for the wearer.

To ensure the comfort of the wearer wearing the blue tweed suit you will have to make sure that you choose the proper fabric. Though it is rare if you are thinking of wearing the light blue suit for formal use then we recommend you to go with wool light blue men's suits or cotton light blue suits. But for semi formal and casual use linen light blue men's suits are the ones that are most recommended. Cotton light blue men's suits and linen light blue men's suits are light in weight and thus is also comfortable to wear. Linen is the perfect summer fabric but tends to wrinkle easily. Thus linen is much preferred for casual use and also for travelling. Other than the natural fabrics you can opt to go with synthetic ones like polyester light blue men's suits and rayon light blue men's suits when you need cheaper priced light blue men's suits. The reduction in the price is compensated since these suits are not expected to perform like the natural fabric suits in terms of both durability and comfort.

Light Blue Slim Fit Suit As for the shade of the light blue suit there are varities from which you can choose from. The texture of the light blue men's suits are also very important to note since a slight misstep can result you in looking like a candy or a Easter egg. For example if you are a person with fairly dark skin then most of the shades look flattering on you. But if you are a pale skinned man it is best for you to go with slightly darker shades with strong textures since the light colored ones can easily make you look washed out.

Here are some of the styling tips that we think will be helpful when you decide to add a light blue suit to your wardrobe. For a formal look you can pair the single breasted light blue suit with a white dress shirt and a patterned tie. For a tonal look you can pair the double breasted light blue suit with light blue dress shirt and a navy tie. As for the shoes the black leather oxford shoes are the ones that are most recommended for a formal look.

Walking Leisure Suit But when you style the light blue suit for a casual or smart casual look you have a lot of styles that you can try out. A casual light blue suit paired with a Breton top is a cool style that you can try out without much effort. You can complete the look by adding a pair of white canvas high top sneakers. As for the color of the T-shirt it is mostly recommended to go with a light and black striped ones.

For a distinct look you can pair the Light Blue Pinstripe Suit with a contrast colored shirt. As said before blue works well with most colors and thus you can try your hand with variants of yellow, green, khaki, mustard and purple based on the season in which you are wearing the suit.

Since light blue suit is a light colored one they attract more attention than a dark colored suit. Slimmer fits such as slim fit light blue suits and skinny fit light blue men's suits are the ones that are most recommended for semi formal and casual use. Classic fit light blue men's suits are the ones recommended for men who like roomier fits.