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Silver Suits

Silver Suits

Silver Bussiness Suit When it comes to suits most men tend to obviously lean towards the dark colors such as navy and charcoal gray. But these suits are the formal ones that we tend to wear often to almost all events. But there are a lot of varieties in the suits and it is therefore not imperative to stick with the ones that you are used to. Instead it is best to venture out and try out new ones according to the nature of the event. Silver suits are the ones that are most recommended when it comes to special occasions and parties where your navy suits might look too ordinary. In this article we discuss the silver suits and some of the ways on how best to style them.

When we say pinsripe suits we are not telling you to go with the shiny ones that catch the eye of the viewer from even a long distance. Silver suits that border on the gray shade line that have a subtle shine to them can also considered to be the silver suits. You will have to select the silver suits that suit the occasion and also your personality. This means that you will have to select the shades that impact the look that you project. So you no longer have to steer clear of the silver suits if you get to know how to style them right.

Mens-Slim-Fit-Silver-Suit There are some things that you will have to note when you select the silver suits. The first thing is the type of material that the silver suits are made of. For example if you need a business silver suit that you can wear to the important office events then you can go with wool silver suits. The wool material have a natural sheen that gives the suit a rich formal look. Also they are available in different weights and you can choose the one that best suits your purpose. Worsted wool slim fit suits and flannel wool suits are the ones that are most recommended for formal use. Another great recommendation for the silver suits is to go with the sharkskin silver suits. This material contrary to the name is made from a variation of wool that gives it a shiny look that makes it look like a skin of the shark. These suits have a different look that makes it possible to wear to special occasions. Thus if you are looking for a suit that you can wear to business meetings and events you can go with sharkskin silver suits.

For semi formal and casual occasions you can opt to go with linen silver suits. These beige suits are light and can be worn in the warmer months of summer and spring. For a formal lightweight alternative to wool silver suits you can go with cotton silver suits. This is because of the fact that these suits wrinkle much less than the linen silver suits. Silk silver suits and velvet silver suits are rare in use and are best for special events. When you want a cheap garment you can go with synthetic materials like polyester silver suits and rayon silver suits. These synthetic materials will have a shine about them which when paired with the silver color of the suits will give a look that is considered to be cheap by some. Hence before purchasing the suit make sure that you check out the look and whether it suits your taste.

As for the shine of the silver suits you can choose the intensity based on your taste. For example if you are getting the suit for formal use then it might be a better choice to go with subtle shades of silver suits like dark gray silver suits. Also these are a good start if you are new to the shiny suits look. But if you are dressing for a party or a special occasion like prom silver suits and don't mind standing out from the crowd then it is a better choice to go with shinier versions like light gray silver suits and more. But when you select the shiny suits it is best to check on the shine properly since overly shiny suits will give out a cheap look. While purchasing the suit check for the reflection on the sleeves of the suit. If you see a reflection then it might be a better choice to tone down the shininess a bit unless you prefer it that way.

Two-Button-Silver-Color-Suit Other than the burgundy suits you can try out the fancy versions of you want a distinct look. Patterned silver suits are a good choice when you need a garment that stands out from the rest. Pinstripe silver suits and plaid silver suits are the common ones recommended. But if you are looking for a suit that you can wear to special occasions then Paisley silver suits and floral silver suits are recommended since they give out a rich look.

Two-Button-Silver-Color-Suit As for the styling for darker shades of black silver suits you can pair it in the classic combo of white shirt and black tie. But for a more distinct look you can go with light blue shirts or light pink dress shirts. For lighter shades of suits like ash silver suits you can go for a monotone look with gray shirts and ties or go with a more natural look of pairing dark colored dress shirts.

As for the fit of the silver suits you can go with the one that accentuates your body best. Since it is a light colored one slimmer fits are recommended. Slim fit silver suits and skinny fit silver suits are the ones that are most recommended for younger generation. If you are styling the garment for business use you can go with slightly roomier fits like classic cut silver suits and modern fit silver suits. Big and tall silver suits and custom made silver suits are best for people who find the above fits unsatisfactory.

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