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Floral Blazers

Blazers have gained a lot of popularity among the younger generation in recent times. The main reason for this is that they are versatile and easy to style when compared with other garments. But most men still now tend to go with usual styles of solid blazers in classic colors like navy, charcoal and black. These blazers might be a good choice for formal events but when you style the blazer for semi formal or casual events then you can venture out a little with other styles in fashionable blazers. Thus in this article we discuss the floral men's blazers and some of the best tips to style it properly.

When we say mens fashion blazers we can see some men panic since some consider floral prints to be feminine or furthermore harder to pull off. But the floral print is becoming one of the solid styles in recent years especially in menswear. In the early times the floral prints were restricted to casual garments like casual shirts and shorts. But nowadays the floral print is frequently seen on formal clothes like suits and even tuxedos. If you are not ready to try out the floral suits or floral tuxedos then floral blazers is a good style to start trying out this style.

Two-Button-Blue-Color-Blazer Floral men's blazers is a fine and timeless style that can make the person wearing it look dapper. There are a lot of styles available in the floral men's blazers and you can choose the one that best suits your style. Therefore when you get to know the styles available then you will find that there is a perfect option for everyone regardless of their taste. If you are new to this floral blazer style then you can start out with the dark colored blazers with subtle floral prints which might not attract too much attention to the garment. But if you are styling the floral men's blazers for a fun event then you can go with large print floral blazers which will be the main piece of the outfit you are wearing. Thus before buying the floral blazers make sure that you decide on the style that you prefer and also the event for which you are thinking of wearing the floral blazer.

The fabric from which the slim fit blazers are made plays a major role in the look of the garment. For a subtle look that you can style to slightly formal events you can go with wool floral men's blazers and cotton floral men's blazers. These fabrics will also have a better fit since they drape well on the body of the wearer. For a semi formal summer event you can go with linen floral men's blazers and seersucker floral men's blazers.

blazer suits For a stylish and flashy look we recommend you to go with luxurious fabrics like silk plaid blazers and velvet floral blazers. These types of fabrics are different from the wool and cotton fabrics since they have a natural sheen about them. This paired with flashy patterns like floral and Paisley will give you a shiny floral blazer that you can wear to any special occasions.

The next thing that you should majorly note is the color of the floral blazer. The color of these blazers that you choose also is important since they catch the eyes of the viewers the most. For a formal subtle style you can go with classic colors. Black floral men's blazers and navy floral men's blazers are a good style to start with. But when you need a slightly distinct style we recommend you to go with unconventional colors but in dark shades. For example you can opt to go with red blazers but dark ones like burgundy floral men's blazers might be a good choice when compared with the bright red ones. In the same way maroon floral blazers and olive green floral men's blazers are some of the recommendations for semi formal events. These dark colors when paired with luxurious ones like silk or velvet fabric will give you a proper dressed up look. On the contrary if you are styling the floral men's blazers for summer casual events then you can opt to go with lighter and brighter colors of floral men's blazers. But you will have to remember that the floral pattern on the light colored blazers will be more visible making them more noticeable.

The styling of the double breasted blazers is the key point to note for achieving a great look. Here are some tips that we think might help you when you style the floral men's blazers. The first recommendation is to style the floral blazer with subtle combining garments. This is because of the fact that the floral men's blazers work the best when they are the main piece of the outfit you are wearing. A white and blue peak lapel floral blazer paired with a white dress shirt and navy dress pants is a good look since the white dress shirt and the navy pants neatly tone down the boldness of the floral blazer thus making the outfit look balanced.

The next thing that you will have to note is to be careful if you are thinking of trying pattern mixing. For a safe look it is best to pair the linen blazers with solid combining garments since they give a neat look. But if you want to pair it with patterned combining garments make sure that the patterns do not clash with each other rather than complementing each other.

Floral blazers are definitely a bold fashion statement and thus whichever style you choose to go with you need to rock it with confidence. For this the fit of the floral blazer is an important factor to note. A slim fit floral blazer will give you a more fitting look when compared to the classic fit floral blazers. Other than the usual formal styling you can also style it as smart casual and casual style. For this it is best to go with single breasted floral blazer rather than double breasted floral blazer since the former is more versatile.