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The vests are back! The vests had been a part of mens fashion for a long time but in the last century they were in and out of style. But recently we have been seeing more and more of the vests on the red carpets and the runways. Hence it is safe to say that the fashion is back on track making it the best time to add one or two vests to your wardrobe. Today instead of the usual choices, we are suggesting you to go bold with the white tuxedo vest.

Now white isn't the first choice of most men when it comes to purchasing formal garments. But the bright color would still do some good for you when you learn to style it in the right way. Also there are many events where you can style the white tuxedo without gaining weird looks.

If you have been following the fashion trends then you must already know that the white tuxedo vest is trending. You just have to join in the crowd and you also get the chance to try something out of your comfort zone.

There are a lot of ways in which you can style the tuxedo vest and white being a neutral color, your choices only increase. Hence take the time to find the right way in which you can style the garment. You need not style the tuxedo vest with only the tuxedo. You can also pair them with the casual combining garments to create the smart casual look. You can make the maximum utilization of the garment in this way. Know your options and then think about the nature of the event for which you are going to dress before choosing your outfit.

You can get the white tuxedo online but you can also get it from the retail outlets. Buying online tends to save you time and you also can go through a lot of styles in minimal time. You can get the most expensive white tuxedo vest or the low cost white tuxedo depending on your budget. If you are trying out the style out of curiosity and hence do not want to spend too much on it then you can choose sites that have the white tuxedo on discount.

Styling the white tuxedo vests

You can style the mens white tuxedo to any event you like given that you pair it with right garments. Here are some ideas on perfectly styling the white tuxedo outfits for different events.

Formal look

If there is a formal event involved then you should be pairing the branded white tuxedo with the suits or tuxedos. The three piece look that is obtained when the vest is paired with the suit or the tuxedo only helps to make the outfit more formal. Just make sure that the color coordination works out fine for the outfit. Here are some ideas for you to try out.

If there is a formal party type event with the white tie dress code in place then you could choose to style the black tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, designer white tuxedo , white bow tie and a white pocket square. This is the most formal dress code that is available in mens fashion. You could go with the usual black patent leather formal shoes to complete the look but if you want a vintage style then we would suggest you to choose the two tone formal shoes to pair with the outfit.

For an office ready look, you can pair the grey herringbone wool blazer with a white dress shirt, purple knit tie, formal white tuxedo and a pair of navy striped dress pants. If you are confused about the choice of footwear then you could go with a pair of burgundy leather loafers.

For a more stylish and trendy look, you can pair the dark brown blazer with a blue chambray dress shirt, dark brown polka dot pocket square, a double breasted stylish white tuxedo and a pair of grey chinos. To perfectly make the whole look come together, you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather brogues.

Smart casual look

Pairing the vest with the smart casual garments has become the most popular style now. If you are attending semi formal events and want your look to be modern then you can choose the smart casual styling of the white tuxedo vests. This way you also make sure that the tuxedo does not lie waste until the next formal event comes. Here are some of the smart casual white vest outfits for you to check out.

For a cool and experimental outfit, you can style the black blazer with a grey long sleeve shirt, light violet pocket square, casual white tuxedo and a pair of navy jeans. Mix things up for the outfit by adding a pair of black leather loafers to it. Now this is a perfect outfit that you can make with the existing things in your wardrobe.

For a more laid back look, you can style the black shirt jacket with a white crew neck t-shirt, affordable white tuxedo and a pair of navy jeans. If you intend to keep the outfit simple then add with it a pair of white no show socks and black leather sandals.

Casual look

If you want to go casual with the look then here are some outfits for you. You can style the dark green crew neck t-shirt with the best white tuxedo vest and then a pair of dark green jeans. With the addition of black leather loafers, this outfit would be an obvious success.

For a bold summer look, you can style the white long sleeve shirt with a mens white tuxedo vest and a pair of mustard chinos. Finish it off with a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers.