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Suit Vest

Three piece suit vests are one of the formal yet stylish outfit in mens wardrobe. Only some men have the confidence to rock this outfit style and that is what makes it a prized asset. If you are the one who likes making a fashion statement and does not mind being the best dressed one then the three piece suits vest is your obvious choice.

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The style is effortless and you can rock it just by adding the vest to your normal suit style. This is actually a better choice while purchasing since you can either dress up or dress down the suits vest depending on your taste and occasion. Vests should be of the same matching fabric and color to that of the suits vest. Wearing this matching suits vest style can give a look that is less formal than an evening wear but better than than a normal two piece suit vest. You can also pair the two piece suits vest with an odd vest. Odd vests are vests that are of different color than the suit but complements the outfit on the whole. Odd vests depending on the fabric and color chosen can raise or lower the formality of the outfit.

The suit vests available are single breasted and double breasted styles and vests also come in same types. The single breasted styles are versatile and if you are getting your first pinstipe suit then it is better to get a single breasted one. This is because of the fact that the single breasted style works well in any of the occasions whether be it the formal or the casual ones. The double breasted styles are considered to be more formal than their single breasted counterparts and is the best option for men who suits up on a daily basis and those who attend important business meetings frequently. This is because the latter style has a more formal look and hence demands authority and respect making you look powerful effortlessly.

Suits along with vests have been the classic style for centuries but after the World War II, two piece styles became more prominent because of the lack of materials. But after some time the vests came back in style and since then have been going in and out of style

suit-vest If you are a man that loves distinctive styles then three piece suit vest is an obvious choice. Wearing a vest will create a single unbroken stretch of fabric without the fabric of the shirt showing near the hip even when you unbutton your jacket. If the fabric of the suit vest is of good quality then it gives a balanced handsome appearance. The suit vest when worn as a three piece suit looks the best for any social event.

When the suit is worn with vest as an office wear you can still look dressed up when you remove the jacket during the course of the day. If you are in a special occasion then you can opt for backless suit vests that have simple straps that hold them together at the rear and do not show while wearing a jacket.