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Mens Wedding Vests

Shopping for wedding is no easy job since everything needs to be perfect. This is especially true if it is your own wedding. Choosing the wedding outfit involves considering a lot of factors that we don’t usually think about. For example, you should note whether your outfit matches the wedding theme and more. Each piece of clothing matters a lot and hence it is important to choose the one that suits you the best. Today we would like to discuss more about the mens wedding vests and the ways in which you could style them.

Wedding Vest The vests or you might know them as waistcoats have always been in fashion but they have been in and out of style. The mens vests were once an essential part of the suit ensemble but with time this changed. It was during the world war times when the trend changed. There was a shortage of wool at that time and restrictions were in place. Hence the manufacturers were looking for an alternate fabric and cutting down on the manufacture of the extra garments. At that time the vest was classified as an extra garment and thus people were banned from wearing it. After the end of the world war, things returned to normal but people chose to continue using the two piece suits excluding the best. Since then the vests have come in and out of style and now currently seems to be the in time.

People have started to choose the three piece suit style again and another major thing is that the vests seem to have gained attention as separates too. We have been seeing young people styling the vests with the casual garments too. This seems to be the current fashion trend all over the world and if you are thinking of trying out the vest style then this would be the perfect time.

Weddings are events where people tend to dress up for and hence trying out the mens wedding wool vest would be a good idea. There are different styles to choose and according to the type of wedding you are attending you can make the choice. You can choose the three piece suit which has the vest included but you can also get the unique wedding vests separately. It depends on what type of look you are aiming for. For example, people would choose the full three piece suit look for the formal weddings but would choose the odd vest look for the casual weddings.

Maroon Vest You can use the wedding vest near me phrase to search for the sites and shops that have the style you are looking for. You can check out the wedding vest on sale and then compare the various styles to make the final choice. It might help you research beforehand so that you can choose the style that you like. You can even get the wedding vest on discountsfrom these sites. This is one of the reason why purchasing wedding vests online is recommended.

As we have mentioned before, there are different ways in which you can style the wedding vest mens.You can choose to style it for the formal outfit but it can also work for the casual ones. Take the time to analyze what type of outfit you need and then make the choice. Here are some of the best wedding vest outfits that you can take inspiration from.

For a stylish and smart wardrobe choice, you can pair the navy suit with a white long sleeve shirt and a tan rare style wedding vest. To make the outfit reach the highest sartorial standard, you can add with it a navy wool hat, navy overcoat and a pair of dark brown leather derby shoes. For a neat and sophisticated look that can work for the semi formal weddings, you can style the white crew neck t-shirt with a light blue chambray dress shirt, a navy striped designer wedding leather vest and a pair of brown chinos. Now all you need is a pair of black leather casual boots to make the ensemble complete.

Peach Vest Vests with shirt and pants have become the hot style of recent times and hence we would suggest you to try out the same. For example, you can pair the white long sleeve shirt with a charcoal check stylish wedding vest and a pair of navy jeans. To keep your look fresh and simple, you can add with it a pair of Black leather brogue boots. If you like to show off your matching skills with a tonal outfit then you can style the navy low cost wedding casual vest with a light blue long sleeve shirt and a pair of navy jeans. Contrast the outfit by adding with it a pair of grey suede Chelsea boots.

Usually people choose the single breasted vests reasoning that they are more versatile. But in our opinion when it comes to vests both single breasted and double breasted vests are both equally versatile. Also double breasted wedding vests look more stylish and powerful when compared to their single breasted counterparts.

For a laid back elegant look, you can style the grey check formal wedding vest with a white Henley shirt, a black blazer and a pair of khaki chinos. To make your sartorial chops show in your outfit, you can add with this outfit a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. For a more formal and conservative look, you can style the navy suit with a white dress shirt, dark brown check tie and a grey plaid branded wedding plaid vest. When completed with a pair of dark brown leather double monks and burgundy socks, this would make it the perfect outfit for the groom on his special day. For a casual but elegant look, you can style the multi colored plaid long sleeve shirt with a tan casual wedding vest, brown shearling jacket and a pair of navy jeans. A pair of dark brown leather Chelsea boots would perfectly round off this cool ensemble.