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Mens Tartan Pants

When it comes to patterns, we generally choose something simple and subtle since we men are used to blending in with the crowd. But recently this has changed and people are starting to prefer bold and stylish garments that exude personality. If you are one among the men who are bored with the black and navy pants then we are here with a suggestion. Tartan pants are the hot style of the recent times and people are starting to note the style. The plaid pattern has been in style for years now but recently it has been gaining major attention. Here is everything that you need to know about mens tartan pants and the different ways in which you can style them.

When tartan is mentioned, most people immediately think of Scotland since it is the place of origin of the particular pattern. The patterns which last for a long time usually have a history to boast and no story is as rich as tartan’s. Even today tartan is viewed as a symbol of rebellion but some consider it as a symbol of conservativeness.

plaid pant
You might already know the war story behind the pattern and how it was used as a sign of rebellion by the Scottish soldiers in the early years. There was even a time when people were banned from wearing the plaid pattern in general. We have come a long way from that and now tartan has become one of the prominent patterns preferred by young men.

If you are thinking of choosing tartan linen pants mens then there are a few things to keep in mind. Tartan basically means criss cross and it refers to the particular pattern. Tartan garments are usually made from wool and are woven using colored threads. The pattern is widely popular and you can see them on shirts, suits, skirts and more.

Usually people confuse tartan pattern with plaid. This is because of the fact that the words tartan and plaid are used interchangeably in the American market. Traditionally tartan refers to the pattern that comes with the horizontal and vertical stripes crossing each other at an 90 degree angle. With tartan the stripes are identical in terms of size, color and width but this is not the case with plaid. In plaid, the horizontal and vertical lines differ in terms of size and mostly color.

There are different styles of the tartan pattern and you should know the types before you make the choice. You should first decide on where you are getting the garments. If you are going to shop offline then you should already research online of the different options available and the one that would suit you. If you are getting the style for the first time, we would recommend you to get the tartan pants online. You can use the tartan pants near me option to find the sites that have the tartan pants on sale. Choose the sites that offer the garment at an affordable rate and then check whether they offer the tartan pants on discounts. You can choose the most expensive tartan pants or go with the tartan cheap priced pants. It helps to determine the style and budget firsthand before starting the purchase.

tartan pant Tartan is a bold pattern but the color choices matters the most. Depending on the look that you prefer make sure to select the right color for the pants. For example, if you are looking for classic tartan pants style then it would help to go with the dark green tartan pants or dark brown tartan pants. These are the traditional color choices. But if you are looking for the tartan formal pants which you can wear to the office or even meetings then you can choose the black tartan pants or navy tartan pants. These dark colored tartan slim fit pants would be a good option for the people who are trying out the style for the first time.

As for the styling, when you put in effort, you can make the look work easily. Here are some of the best ways in which you can include the tartan pants in your everyday style.

You can start with styling the mens tartan pants as the casual outfit style. For example, you can pair the dark brown casual tartan pants with a yellow print crew neck t-shirt and a red baseball cap. A pair of burgundy canvas low top sneakers would give you the classy way of completing this outfit. For a stylish winter off duty outfit, you can style the white crew neck sweater with a pair of grey modern fit tartan linen pants and a camel overcoat. You can spruce up the look of this outfit by adding a pair of beige suede Chelsea boots.

Tartan pants work well with the smart casual and semi formal outfits and hence you can take full advantage of it with these styles. For example, if you are attending a game then you can style the white crew neck t-shirt with a blue varsity jacket red baseball cap and a pair of brown costly tartan pants.A pair of navy leather high top sneakers would be the perfect choice to make this stylish ensemble also comfortable to wear. If you are into minimalist outfit looks then you can style the white crew neck t-shirt with a pair of grey branded tartan pants. A pair of black leather high top sneakers would be the perfect choice to rev up the classy factor of this outfit and maybe include a black baseball cap.

If you are dressing for a date night or any similar event then you can style the black knit turtleneck with a brown plaid blazer and a pair of grey party wear tartan pants. This outfit can make you look handsome and dandy. Add a pair of black leather chelsea boots to the outfit along with a long black overcoat and black sunglasses.