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Mens Plaid Coats

If you have not noted it already this year’s theme seems to be “Be bold or go home” especially in menswear. After cooping up in our homes for about 2 years most of the men seem to be enjoying the freedom even with the outfits. Plaid coat men's have become one of the most sought after styles this year. Most of the time we have noticed people especially the men choose the outfit that is most subtle of all. Thus for people who keep on choosing black and navy overcoats, going with the plaid coat men's is a great step forward. If you are one among the people who are loving the plaid coat men's then this article is just for you.

Plaid Coat Plaid Blazer Black Tuxedo Red Blazer

Plaid is one of the patterns that had long stayed with the menswear fashion and it is one of the very few patterns that men feel comfortable wearing. There are a lot of plaid patterned coats that you can choose depending on your taste. For people who are choosing the plaid coat mens for the first time then there are few things that we would like you to note.

Plaid coat men's are a bolder style than your normal plain coats and thus would require some guidance on the first styling. But all the effort pays off when you notice the impressive looks that you get for the outfit. Now when it comes to plaid coat men's outfits the first thing that we want you to note is the type of plaid pattern that you are going to choose for your overcoat. As we have mentioned before there are quite a few styles of plaids available and depending on your style you can go through the ones available and select the one.

Double Breasted Blazer Plaids are basically squares formed by the horizontal and vertical lines cross together and sometimes these also come as rectangles. The size of these squares or rectangles vary and create the different styles of plaids. As for the coats any type of checks would work and whether you want a formal or casual look you can choose according to it. For example if you are starting with a simple and subtle style then it would be good choice to go with the graph check plaid coat mens. Graph check coats come with small squares and resemble the graph paper. For a conservative and formal outfit we would recommend you to start with these graph check coats.

For these mens plaid dress coat the color of the coat matters the most. The event for which you are getting the coat is most important to choose the color. For example if you are getting the coat for formal use that is to wear with your work outfits then stick with the subtle colors like black, navy and charcoal. Go with the combination of these colors with base colors like white or black. But if you want a bolder and casual style then you should go with the multi colored or bold colored plaid coat men's. This is not only the recommendation for graph check overcoats but also for all other plaid coat men's.

The next recommendation that we have for you is the windowpane plaid coats. Windowpane come with larger squares when compared with the graph checks and can be defined more of a rectangle. Because of the elongated squares, windowpane plaid coat men's would offer the wearer a taller and slimmer look. Windowpane pattern is often noted on the blazers and suits. Windowpane plaid coat men's would be a cool look when you are looking for a stylish but formal look. If you are a person who likes classic styles then windowpane plaid coat must be your choice since it has been in menswear for a long time now.

Red Blazer Other than these there are also other plaid styles like the tattersall, gingham and many more. After you select the type of plaid for the coat the next thing that we would like you to do is to choose the type of coat for the event. Again the event for which you are choosing the coat matters the most. For the formal use that would offer you the best look you can choose to go with the plaid long coat mens. You can wear this coat with both the formal and semi formal outfits.

Usually when people choosing the coats they go with the single breasted plaid coats. But if you want a dressier and cooler look then you can choose to go with the double breasted plaid coat mens. You will want to button the coat all the times when you choose the double breasted coats but it would be a worthy look.

For a cooler and casual look we would recommend you to choose to go with the plaid car coat mens. Other than this you can also go with the short coats. If you are looking for coats that you can wear for the casual use like for a regular day outing then it would be better choice to go with plaid pea coat mens or mens plaid sport coats.

Now that you have got the basics here are some ideas for you to choose from. For a stylish and dapper look you can choose to go with styling the plaid coat mens wool with a white cable sweater and blue jeans. Complete the look with white canvas low top sneakers. If you love all black outfit as much as us then you can choose to style the black plaid coat mens with a black crew neck t-shirt and black skinny jeans. Finish off the style with a pair of black leather loafers. If you want a classy looking outfit that you can wear to special occasions then you can style the plaid cashmere coat with a three piece grey suit with white dress shirt. To perfectly round off the look you can add with it brown leather double monks.