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Big And Tall Suit Vest

Big and tall sizes are hard to shop since they are hard to find. The fashion industry doesn't do justice for most people who doesn't fit into the perfect size of the mannequins on the display. Many brands do not stock the garments in the big and tall sizes and this lack of flexibility is fortunately slowly changing thanks to the internet age. Many online sites are available which stock the big and tall sizes. Our site not only stocks garments in these sizes but also most importantly providing variety in those sizes.

Suit vests are the ones that come with the three piece suits which are usually of the same color and the material as that of the other components of the suit. Three piece suits are one of the most formal outfits available and is the best for formal meetings and some special occasions like weddings and church services.

The suit vests were out of style for a certain period of time but now has again come into style. We have been seeing their presence in runways and some as even a casual wear by fashion forward celebrities like Ryan Reynolds. You can also wear this suit vests without the jackets for a cool look. You can wear this as a winter wear since the extra layer keeps you warm.

Now for it to be a professional wear it has to fit properly whether it is for standard size or for big and tall suit vest. The fit of the vest is important since it also influences the fit of the jacket consequently. Also you will have to focus on the details like the lapels, number of buttons and pockets.

Navy-Blue-Diamond-Vest Green-Diamond-Pattern-Vest Purple-Diamond-Pattern-Vest Burgundy-Diamond-Pattern-Vest

The vests should fit such that when you fasten all the buttons you should still feel comfortable when wearing them since it is possible that you will be wearing them the whole day. If you see the fabrics pulling at the button area then you will need to get it one size bigger.

Blue-Diamond-Pattern-Vest If you are a person who is short then it is better to get the ones that have less number of buttons like two or three. This gives the wearer a deep V neck in the front with more of shirt fabric showing thus making them look taller. Also if you are heavy then big and tall suit vests can be good choice since they are fitting and thus enhances the figure

If you are person who have inches to spare then select a vest which has more than three number of buttons. The high neck creates an illusion of balanced body shape by seemingly elongating the upper torso of the wearer.

If you are wearing it for a formal event like business meeting then go with no lapel style. If for fancy occasions like weddings you can choose to wear the ones which come with lapels.

The neck of the vest is available both in V shape and U shape. While the V shaped ones are the most common the U shaped ones are best for more dressy look.