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Big and Tall Tuxedo

Tuxedo has been one of the saviours of men when it comes to special occasions like weddings or even award ceremonies. Put on a nice tailored tuxedo and with a best smile paired you are ready to rock on any event. But the tricky thing in this so said foolproof style is getting the fit of the outfit right.

Black-Two-Buttons-Tuxedo An expensive ill fit tuxedo is always one step down than a cheap well fit one. So it is imperative that you get the fitting proper before moving on to accessorize it. The fit of the tuxedo is not a big thing if you have a magazine worthy body but unfortunately it is impossible to have that kind for most of us all. That too if the men fall under the big and tall category then it becomes a real hassle.

Thus in this article we are giving some styling techniques that will make it easier to get the right fit for big and tall sizes. The first step is to know your body type whether you are tall or big or both. It makes it easier to now select the fit that complements your body shape. If you are coming under the category of tall and thin. The double breasted style may give you some beef if you are concerned about the size. If you are over six feet then it is better to go with big and tall tuxedos that has three or more buttons since the plunging V neck in lesser number button styles can create a taller illusion. You can also select one with shoulder padding so that it gives an illusion of broader shoulders and consequently a tapered waist.

If you are on the category of tall yet having a muscular build then choose the styles that would make your waist look thinner. The lapels of the big and tall tuxedo jacket is better to be thin since they elongate the body type. It is better to go with vests rather than cummerbunds since they make you look thinner because of the fitted look. It is better to avoid bowties and go for a narrow necktie so that they give out a slimming effect.

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If you are on the short and slender type then you will have to concentrate on styles that make you look taller. Avoid anything that looks tight and short. It is better to go with two or one button big and tall tuxedo jackets. The V neck thus created is deep thus giving the wearer a elongated look of his upper torso. Again go with vests and neckties that help provide a taller look.

If you are short and muscular then one or two button big and tall tuxedo jackets with narrow lapels and low button stance is the ideal choice. It is better to go with the single breasted styles since the double breasted ones give a bulkier look when compared with the former style. Make sure that you have a streamlined look from the shoulders to the toe since they greatly help in creating a slimming and taller effect.