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Mens Burgundy Prom Shoes

We men are used to rejecting colors in our outfits before even trying it out. But recently there is one color that has been more and more popular among men. Also the best news about it is that it is a shade of red – red that is the embodiment of bright. Burgundy, the reddish brown shade has become the trendiest look of the season and starting from clothes to accessories burgundy is everywhere. Today we are here to suggest you to go with one of the best styles trending now which is the burgundy prom shoes. In this article we will explain more about the style and the different ways in which you can make the look work.

Burgundy Shoe The reason why burgundy seems to have managed to capture the hearts of the men is because of the deep shade that it comes with. We have a soft spot for the deep and dark colors that are also stylish and the burgundy seems to fill in all these boxes. When it comes to dress shoes, black and brown shoes are all we had for quite some time. But now burgundy prom shoes mens are becoming widely popular. You can style them with almost all garments starting from the formal to the casual outfits. If you are convinced about trying out the mens burgundy prom shoes but are hesitating because of the research that you have to put into the styling then we are here to help. We have suggested some of the important combinations of the outfits that could work with the mens burgundy prom shoes. This will give you an idea of what might work and what might not making the styling a lot easier.

Burgundy shoes with navy pants

This is the gold combination that you could never miss out on. If you are trying out the burgundy dress shoes for the first time and are quite lost with the styling aspect then just go with this look. Here are some of the outfits that could help us prove that our claim of it being the golden combination.

We will start with the outfit that almost anyone would already have in their wardrobe. We are talking about the classic outfit of styling the navy blue suit with a white dress shirt, white pocket square and a red tie. Now to complement the red in your tie, there is no better choice than to add with the outfit a pair of burgundy prom shoes men. When you choose the calfskin burgundy shoes, you can easily style them for the formal occasions and even to your office. The calfskin leather shoes are the most common choice for people who are looking for a durable regular wear shoes.

Laceup Shoe For a more casual and stylish look, you can style the white dress shirt with a brown waistcoat and then a pair of navy blue jeans. All you have to do now is to add with this outfit a pair of burgundy prom dress shoes along with a tan trench coat. If you are attending a semi formal wedding, you can style the tan plaid blazer with a light blue chambray dress shirt and then a pair of navy jeans. To add an elegant twist to the outfit, you can introduce a pair of burgundy wedding shoes with this outfit.

Burgundy shoes with grey pants

Another color that seems to be having a field day when it comes to office wear is grey. There are different shades of grey and all shades of grey works well with the burgundy shoes. For the formal outfits, choose the darker ones like Charcoal grey pants and for the casual events, go with the light grey pants. Now back to the ideas of the outfits for this combination.

For a classic and refined look, you can style the charcoal grey suit with a white striped dress shirt, a navy tie and a dark brown pocket square. To obtain extra style points for the outfit, introduce a pair of carrucci maroon dress shoes with it. For a simple summer look, you can style the dark brown blazer with a white striped dress shirt, red striped tie and a pair of grey dress pants. To make the outfit look trendy, add a pair of wine color dress shoes to the outfit. For manly and refined look, style the light grey suit with a black turtleneck and then a pair of burgundy cap toe shoes.

Burgundy shoe Burgundy shoes with green pants

Brown and dark shades of red always pair well with green since it is natural combination. You can easily make this combination work both for the formal and casual events. Here are some outfit ideas for this combinations.

For a manly and cool look, style the beige linen shirt with a grey linen long sleeve shirt and then a pair of dark green dress pants. To complete this ensemble without much of a hassle, introduce a pair of dark brown socks and burgundy leather cushion shoes. If you are looking for a more formal style, then go with a dark green suit paired with a light blue dress shirt, violet polka dot tie and then round the look off with a pair of burgundy tuxedo shoes.

Burgundy shoes with beige pants

If you are a person who loves the contrasting styles then you definitely know the appeal of this combination. We would suggest this look for the summer and spring occasions.

For a summer vacation vibe ensemble, style the dark green shirt jacket with a light blue chambray dress shirt and then a pair of beige chinos. Now a pair of burgundy prom casual shoes would be perfect to pull this ensemble together. For a flashy look, you can style the white linen shirt with a pair of white chinos and then a pair of glitter burgundy prom shoes. While burgundy prom shoes match with almost all colors, it would be best to avoid pairing it with red pants.