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With the excitement of the night out and the temptation of underage drinking comes the stress to select a proper outfit. When the hard part of asking your crush out has been over next comes this still worse part of deciding from the various options available. While the girls start their purchase all that added pressure makes you panic. But all you have to do is to know the basics and then sort out the type of prom suits as per your taste. This article focuses on all you will need to know about prom and what you have to do to create a good memory out of one of your most important day of your life.

When it comes to men most do not intend to spend time on the details when it comes to dressing up. Same logic goes for boys. But in recent times it is said that boys spend as much as the girls for proms. This high school tradition has carried on for a long time. Now if you somehow don't know what is prom then it is a semi formal dinner and dance that is held at the end of the high school academic year. Now it is more of a tradition that features girls trotting in high end dresses sometimes with four to five figure price tags and boys in smart prom suits on weekend long after parties. But this did not start out exactly like this.

The first proms started as dinner parties for college students who pass out that year. Promenades were simple events that were held at hotels rented out and the dance added only by late 1800s in the Northeast. The earliest reference of proms comes from a personal diary of a male student where he explains the invitation he gets for dance from his nearby college in 1894.

How this college event turned into a high school tradition is a whole other story. It started out when parents and teachers thought that a formal dinner and dance would teach manners and social skills to young adults. They started conducting their own versions of these balls and dance and these were only conducted for the rich and well to do. They even borrowed their name and shortened it as "promb" which meant the parade of the guests at the beginning of the event.

By 1900s the prom tradition has spread all over the high schools. The first proms held mostly resembled the one conducted in colleges. The senior class of the high school dressed in their formal dresses and due to lack of funds weren't conducted in hotels and were simply held in gyms of schools. These students gathered where tea and other light refreshments were provided and were allowed to socialize and dance but only under the watch of their chaperones. By 1930s proms were adopted in most schools all over the nation. The dinner night was simple and usually featured a local band or a record player.

By 1950s the proms that were held at gyms until then began to invest more and become elaborate events. They were held at posh places like banquet halls, hotels and country clubs. This fancy venues upped the game and hence the prom dresses also had to be upgraded. This also the fashion industry to boom since more and more people wanted to spend on having the luxury items. The teens of course turned competitive on who have the best dress, the best mode of transportation and the best looking date. The events conducted to decide on the prom king and queen was not helping and in all sense only intensified the competition. By the end of the 80s the prom has taken over the teenagers by storm gaining a larger than life status thus becoming more extravagant and elaborate compared to its humble beginnings.

Even now the tradition carries on with the fashion statements being made. With the options available diversified while the competitions still prevail the styles become unique and showcase their individuality. Many days of careful planning goes into the preparation of the night. There are many factors that you will need to decide on like the outfit that you choose, plans for transportation, memorabilia and the after parties. While the girls go all out on cocktail dresses, jewelry and corsages boys grapple with prom suits and boutonnieres by which they turn into young men for their date.

When it comes to selecting the prom suits if you do not have a single idea by the time you should have a prom suit hanging in your room then do not panic. All you have to do is calm down and to go with standards. Most boys tend to go with this since they do not want to go through the hectic process of deciding on one from the numerous options available. A standard dark coat with pants and polo shirt will make the cut and also beautifully complements your date's prom dress. Black and navy prom suits are the obvious formal wears and if you already have one in your wardrobe that is in a good state then your prom dress is ready. If you want a classic touch hemmingway is a good choice. If you think black and navy are too gloomy for your style then go with lighter colors or all white prom suits but also keep in mind that it might turn risky since lighter colors are hard to coordinate. You can also add a matching waistcoat or a stylish shirt that only adds on to your style.

Another safe option is to go old school. You can go with a classic tuxedo that you wear to black tie events. You can add some twist to this classic style that might give you a lasting impression. The sleek satin lapel design with winged collared style and bow tie is a polished look. You can match the posh style with a pair of black patent shoes, silver cuff links and smart dress watch that would look great. Most people call it a formal wear but it actually is a semi formal wear. When you decide on this style remember that prom won't be like a full blown black tie event. This is because of the fact that the school cannot hold a hundred of teenagers to a certain standard especially on a night which is intended to be for fun.

But it is a safe option for guys who want to look wickedly sharp and is also the best choice. Also, this sharp style will make you stand out among the crowd. You can rent or buy a tuxedo based on your budget. While renting is a good option the fit is a problem. Renting will never give you a perfect fit and also you will have to spend a lot of time in getting the right style of your taste. So if you have the funds to spare it is better to get a ready made tuxedo that also can be used to events like family gatherings and parties. Better yet you can get a custom made tailored prom suits that is made just for you.

You can also go with prom suits if you want a smart and modern look on the big night. There are also options to choose from either two or three piece prom suits. Three piece prom suits with a waistcoat or a vest is one of the best formal looks. If you are not a vest type of person then you can go with two piece prom suits. While you can go with a bow tie that matches with the suit you are wearing you can also go with a classic necktie or even suspenders if you are confident on pulling off the style. A good suit will never out of style and you can dust it down and be worn again for an interview or any other special occasion that requires you to suit up.

Blazers are another cool look that you can pull off effortlessly. Adding on the blazer to a casual shirt and smart jeans will soon up the game and makes it a perfect prom outfit. While they are available in standard colors like black and navy, bolder range of colors are also available which may not be normally got in normal prom suits. Blazers are cut more casually than the prom suits and hence is a perfect option for your cool fun night. They are also available in fashionable fabrics such as velvet and silk. Pairing a navy blue velvet blazer with a white shirt and black jeans may give you a sophisticated look with your own twist to it.

As for the fit of the outfit it is very important and that is why we prefer to lean more towards the ready made or custom made prom suits. Rental and off the rack prom suits are hard to fit and excessive alterations may make the outfit lose its charm.

If you decide to go with a ready made prom suits then there are options available in that too. Prom is for teenagers and mostly skinny fit is the preferred style for prom suits. For the prom suits to be comfortable it should fit right and also match the wearer's body type.

For the lean body builds skinny fit prom suits is the best kind. With its cut of narrow shoulders, nipped in waist and extra narrow leg the fit hugs the wearer's the body making the wearer look sharp in style. They also have narrow lapels and shorter jacket length giving a smart modern overall look.

A slim fit is characterized by neat shoulders, nipped in waist and narrow cut legs. The tailored narrow fit of prom suits continues all along the should, chest, waist and sleeve and ends with a tapered trouser legs. This look is the best most men who are of slight, slim and medium build.

If you do fit in the defined categories or would prefer a proper fit just for you then tailored fit of prom suits is the perfect choice. A jacket that tapers at the waist along with classic lapels accentuates your frame thus leaving room to breathe. This fit is ideal for any type of builds be it slim, medium or bulky guys thus having a wide appeal. When choosing the tailored fit you also have an option of choosing the fabric in the color and patterns that is of your liking which is hard to get in ready made prom suits. If you love to dress in your own style and doesn't mind turning heads then this is a perfect style. Some tailors even offer options of having your own personalized message embroidered on the jackets in the place of your choice making it perfectly personalized.

On the color of the prom suits, again the safe choice is to go with basic colors like black, blue and gray. For a tuxedo black is the perfect selection that fills you with classy and sophisticated look. But if you think black is too mainstream then gray prom suits may be a suave choice. Make sure to accessorize it properly and adding your personal twist by adding colors on your shirt, tie or pocket square. You can also go with a checked gray jacket paired with a pair of chic navy chinos for a casual finish.

Blue is a classic color that in case of prom suits makes it the best in terms of versatility. Prom is no exception and a navy blue blazer paired with chinos or a proper navy blue dress suit means you are prom ready.

Now when done with the prom suits you will have to concentrate on the accessories. Tuxedo means bow ties but otherwise go with regular ties. If you go with a solid suit then make sure to add cuff links to give a little bling. Pocket squares can be contrasting to the color of your suit and can also match the color of your date's dress. Other metal things like watches, bracelets and boutonnieres are optional and depends purely on the wearer's choice.

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