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Trench Coats

Behind the Trench coat there are years of history. Trench coats aren't something that was taken straight out of a Fashion shows' runway. Through out the years trench coats were incorporated into the fashion industry. As well as thru the years, trench coats have evolved from the classic khaki long trench coats to more modern styles. By adjusting the classic trench coat, trench coat lovers now have a wider variety of options of colors, styles and materials to choose from. At MensUSA.com we love to keep our customers happy, so we have renewed our line of Trench coats to meet your every fashion need.

In the mid 1800's trench coats were designed and manufacture as alternatives for the heavy serge greatcoats, that British and French soldiers wore during World War I. That's where the design of the trench coat originated. Long trench coats were used to cover soldiers during unsettled weather. During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, several British regiments dyed their uniforms dull colors. By the 1890s, khaki and camouflage had spread to the rest of the British military. In the late 1890's the use of khaki uniforms had proven itself beneficial to soldiers that when dealing with opponents as it was easier to blend in with their surroundings. In which the color started being implemented more on to the trench coat, given it the classic Khaki Trench Coat look. Thru out the years, trench coats became a fashion statement. It's fascinating to know the history behind our favorite fashion items.

Now knowing that trench coats didn't come off a runway, we understand and appreciate the meaning behind the design. The trench has been redesigned by big fashion designers. Trench coats are made in different fabrics and styles. Things you should take into consideration when purchasing a trench coat is your body type and what material will work best for you depending on the occasion and climate. For example, for tall men the longer 5-button trench coat is a great option. For men who are on the shorter side, they have the option of wearing waist length trench coats or even a thigh length three quarter length trench coat. Those are not the only options for long coat lovers though, trench coats come to waist, knee or even ankle length. It all depends what you like to wear and what makes you comfortable.

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The 2nd most important part of choosing the best trench coat for you is the color. The traditional trench, not only has it evolve in length but also in color. You can easily find, Black, Blue, Gray, Taupe, Brown, and Khaki colored trench coats. If you like to make a statement, trench coats also come with prints. In the latest NYC fashion shows, we've seen how top famous designers have incorporated different prints and textures for the Fall Trench coat designs. For example a new design for trench coats that was added to the fall collection displayed on the runway was the taupe trench coat with black leather trim. It was a big hit because it is something different. Trench coats are a great item to have in your wardrobe because there are so many ways you can style them. Another great hit in the Fashion shows were the double breasted with wide lapel trench coat. Something very classy and edgy, for those that like daring looks. Finally, the most loved trench coats by big designers are the traditional color taupe with plaid design. Fall is known for plaid patters and the plaid trench will not let you down.

At Men's USA, we like to keep our customers happy. We provide top of the line Trench Coats and with that we have renewed and extended our line of coats. Our extension is not limited to trench coats; we have also extended our collection of Church Suits, Exotic Shoes, Statement Suits and many more sections. You can find a big selection of wool coats and Wool Suits. If you want to keep it classy with our 2 buttons Peak lapel suit and trench coat, it is something we offer at very affordable prices. Don't forget your classy shoes to complete your outfit. To complete your classy look we offer the beautiful, irreplaceable, stylish wingtip shoe. Whatever the style you opt to wear, you can count on MENS USA, to give you the items you need at affordable unbeatable prices.

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