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Behind the Trench coat there are years of history. Trench coats aren't something that was taken straight out of a Fashion shows' runway.

Through out the years trench coats were incorporated into the fashion industry. As well as thru the years, trench coats have evolved from the classic khaki long trench coats to more modern styles. By adjusting the classic trench coat, trench coat lovers now have a wider variety of options of colors, styles and materials to choose from. At we love to keep our customers happy, so we have renewed our line of Trench coats to meet your every fashion need.

In the mid 1800's trench coats were designed and manufacture as alternatives for the heavy serge greatcoats, that British and French soldiers wore during World War I. That's where the design of the trench coat originated. Long trench coats were used to cover soldiers during unsettled weather. During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, several British regiments dyed their uniforms dull colors. By the 1890s, khaki and camouflage had spread to the rest of the British military. In the late 1890's the use of khaki uniforms had proven itself beneficial to soldiers that when dealing with opponents as it was easier to blend in with their surroundings. In which the color started being implemented more on to the trench coat, given it the classic Khaki Trench Coat look. Thru out the years, trench coats became a fashion statement. It's fascinating to know the history behind our favorite fashion items.

Now knowing that trench coats didn't come off a runway, we understand and appreciate the meaning behind the design. The trench has been redesigned by big fashion designers. Trench coats are made in different fabrics and styles. Things you should take into consideration when purchasing a trench coat is your body type and what material will work best for you depending on the occasion and climate. For example, for tall men the longer 5-button trench coat is a great option. For men who are on the shorter side, they have the option of wearing waist length trench coats or even a thigh length three quarter length trench coat. Those are not the only options for long coat lovers though, trench coats come to waist, knee or even ankle length. It all depends what you like to wear and what makes you comfortable.

Quality black trench coat that comes with durability Millions of men wear suits and coats for various occasions and suits are now a staple in men's dressing wardrobe. Tall and stylish men will get that fashionable look and rich silhouette when they wear mens long trench coats rain coats on their shoulders, suits and other dresses. It is imperative to note that trench coat mens full length that is sold here will blend on the body wonderfully. These stylish coats which come from the house of branded manufacturer will go well with bomber, jackets and fur clothing. Lengthy trench coats which are shown here will extend up to knees and cover the body nicely. Individuals who love evening walk during rainy seasons should wear mens raincoat trench. Men will outsmart others and become showstoppers when they wear tan trench coat mens. Guys who like simple and casual looks should wear tees or other casuals on the upper torso and wear mens long black trench coat on it. Fashion folks who are planning to get that official look during spring season should wear on their shoulders khaki trench coat mens. Pairing it with jeans or black pants is a wonderful option. Boys can captivate others heart when they complement them with sunglasses and other rich accessories. Men can wear these trench coats as a dress if they are planning to step into party hall or gathering. Fashion men can weather storms, winds, rains and snow easily and walk safely on the road when they wear these incredible trench coats.

Coats that weathers extreme rains and furious storms

None can predict the weather in the countries like the USA, Europe and Australia since it has always remained capricious in these countries. Businessmen, globetrotters and others who are planning to enter into highlands of Europe should carry purple trench coat mens along with them. People who wear purple trench coats should complement them with green and yellow shirts and pants. Executives can weather intolerable chillness easily and walk for miles without pain when they wear these purple coats. Drape around the shoulders beige trench coat mens on snowy mountains and get noticed quickly. Suit wearers consider beige as a neutral color and individuals who wear beige suits should complement them with white, red, green and blue shirts.

Try wrinkle free and branded beige trench coat and wear it during rough weathers. It will cuddle on the body and make the body warmer. Models, celebrities, VIPs and other buy grey color trench coats and wear them during wintery season. Macho men can flaunt with style and showcase their presence neatly when they wear trench coats which are constructed with rich fabric and materials. Boys who have natural looks will look awesome and incredible when they wear trench coats along with sexy pants and shoes. Choose the size that fits the shoulder and wear the coat confidently. Fashion dudes will get that rich and elite feel when they wear trench coats that are shown here which come in trendy colors. Select the one that suits the skin color and complements well with other clothing.

Black Full Length Belted Raincoat raincoats mailer jared are one of the most preferred winter garments among men. There are many styles in these overcoats and some of them have long been in history of mens fashion. Trench coats are one such classic style of overcoats which has a rich military heritage. It is known to be one of the most famous army garments and even today in the 21st century continue to be famous. There are many more styles in the overcoats but only some have managed to stay relevant all through the centuries of change in men's fashion and taste.

big and tall Trench coats overcoats are outerwear that are to be worn over the outfits so as to keep the wearer warm or for protection against any of the outward weather elements. Overcoats are often confused with topcoats since both of them tend to be similar in construction and look. But the main difference between the two is the material from which it is made from and the purpose. As we said before the overcoats are mainly designed to ward off the cold and hence they are usually made from thick materials like wool, fur and tweed. But that is not the case with topcoats. Topcoats are lighter garments that are mostly worn for fashionable purpose rather than for warmth.

Mens Dress Coat KhakiBlack Single Breasted Trench CoatTaupe Full length Belted RaincoatMens Tan Color Rain Coat

Mens trench coats were a standard military wear, and they were originally designed to keep the mud off the soldiers uniform during the First World War. When it started out the mens trench coats were usually worn only by the officers. This was because of the fact that the mens trench coats was a new style at that time and therefore it was expensive. Only the officers and higher ups in the military were able to afford the style at that time. After the war the mens trench coat style became famous among the civilians and soon was mass produced and available to all. Now before going into the details of the mens trench coat styles and how best to style them it will be helpful if you know the history of the trench coats and how it became to be one of the most favored outerwear garments in the mens fashion.

As we said before the mens trench coat style started out during the time of the First World War. This means that the garment is about a century old but the style has remained freakishly unchanged all through these years. Truth be told the story of the mens trench coats started about 100 years before the start of the First World War which took place in 1914. About the year 1823 a rubberish garment was found for military use. This was mainly used to provide protection against the weather elements at that time. These rubberish garments were the best when it comes to keeping the water off but the main problem with these garments is that it made the wearer sweat too much. There was no way for the air to enter and this became a major problem. The garments also had a unique unpleasant smell to them and added to the sweat it became too much. On top of this the garment also slightly melted in the sun. The inventor of this material was Charles Mackintosh and despite all these problems many garments were continuously made in this material. Riding biker jackets and many more were produced since there was no other better alternative to this material. This material was the one that was widely used by the British military and naval officers as well for most of the 19th century. The clothiers started to look for alternatives for this material and were working on getting a better material that has waterproof qualities but at the same times breathes good as well. By the start of the mid 19th century a clothier called John Emary found and patented a material that had excellent waterproof qualities and at the same time was breathable when compared with the previous fabric and renamed his company calling it Aquascutum. His new invention of material was now highly preferred by any fashionable men and soon became one of the best. By 1856, Thomas Burberry started his menswear business and by 1879 found a new material that was inspired by the smocks worn by the Hampshire shepherds which were coated with lanolin. Later he invented a new fabric called Garbadine which was waterproof. This material was breathable twill and was made from coating separate strands of cotton and wool fiber. This garment soon picked up in style and became to be one that is mostly preferred by the higher class fashionable people just like Aquascutum. These were the things that started the invention of the mens trench coat styles and this design went on to make changes in the British military outfit itself on the whole.

Mens Navy Rain Coat The history of the mens trench coats is very important since it is said that the invention of the mens trench coat design changed the type of war being waged to a certain degree. Warfare during the 19th century were mostly Napoleonic and were conducted in big fields where the soldiers faced off each other and hacked one another till any one of them fell. At these times the uniforms used were brightly colored so that the officials can easily identify their own troops. But with the invention of long range arms and such kind of materials this type of warfare became impractical. The hidden warfare started taking shape and for this the brightly colored uniforms only made the soldiers to be easy targets. Soon khaki became the standard color for the military uniforms so that the soldiers can blend in with the landscape and the dust of the field.

Trenches came into existence and warfare molded with it. The soldiers were to be in these trenches and to fire from these holes. These trenches were open to the elements and hence were muddy and filthy. In order to deal with these problems the mens trench coats were developed. The color of the mens trench coats were so that the soldiers can blend in the surroundings and the material of the mens trench coats basically serves as rain coats. These trench coats or rain coats were made with thick woolen material so that the soldiers can keep warm. When it started out these mens trench coats were long and basically served like long rain coats. But due to the muddy condition in the trenches they soon were made to be shorter and lighter than the previous style.

These mens trench coats were first issued only for the higher rank officers and the lower rank soldiers were to get by with the greatcoats. After some time the conditions improved and the soldiers were given the mens trench coats as a part of the uniform. The main advantage of the mens trench coats is that they had features that greatly aided the soldiers in the field. The mens trench coats had rings on their belts that were used to hook on anything like the bombs and other accessories. The back cape of these coats were designed in a way that helped drain water. These mens trench coats were also provided with inner linings that can be removed and doubled to be used as bedding. Main advantage with it was it serves as trench coat rain coats thus keeping out the water in the trenches. After the soldiers returned home from the military they still wore their military garments which garnered the interest of the civilians. Soon the tailors were requested to make the garments that looked alike to the mens trench coats. Manufacturers who sensed the demand for the material soon manufactured it on a large scale and thus the military style soon became one of the standard styles.

Another major contributor to the popularity of the mens trench coat style is the Hollywood. When the mens trench coats became a civilian style it wasn't long before that the Hollywood adopted this stylish garment. Soon most of the famous actors at that time were seen wearing long black mens trench coats. This style was functional and comfortable more than any other in the market. Thus, the long black mens trench coat style flourished in the Hollywood and it also greatly helped that these coats looked great no matter what was worn underneath. Even today when you see the films of that time or new films that are based on this timeline you may see the wide usage of long black mens trench coats. This long black mens trench coat styles became the trademark costume for the gangster movies that were set at that time.

The thing with mens trench coats even now in the 21st century is that it has managed to retain the small details of its original design like the epaulettes and the D rings. This is why the trench coats are called a classic design. This mens trench coat design is one of the most famous all over the world.

Now in present times the mens trench coats come in lengths that reach the wearer's knee or sometimes few inches below it. The shorter version is also available that reaches the mid thigh. The former full length versions of the mens trench coats are much more preferred when compared with the shorter versions. Long mens trench coat looks great when paired with almost any outfit. The stylish garment is one of the most preferred styles when it comes to the younger generation. Now if you are thinking of getting a mens trench coat you will need to consider some of the points.

Mens Wool Peacoat First is the fabric from which the mens trench coats are made from. Most of the time they are made from wool. As for the thickness of the garment consider the weather for which you are buying the coat. If you are thinking of wearing so that you can ward off the cold then you can go with the thicker ones. But if you are getting it as a fashionable wear or to use as a rain coat then you can go with the lighter coats. When you intend to use the mens trench coats as rain coats you will need to consider the fabric properly before purchasing it. Make sure that the fabric of the garment is water repulsive. The main advantage with using trench coats as rain coats is that it will serve you to be stylish rain coats. You can wear them with almost any garments like formals, semi formals and casuals as a rain coat and it will never look out of place.

The next thing that you will have to keep in mind is the length. As we said before long mens trench coats are better than the shorter ones. The long mens trench coats suits for all body types and makes you look stylish. The fit of the mens trench coats also matter. Make sure that the fit of the coat is roomy enough to accommodate the jacket or any other style that you wear inside it.

The last thing that matters the most is the color of the trench coats. It is always best to go with classic colors like black, navy or gray. Black trench coats are one of the best options when it comes to these styles. The main advantage with long black mens trench coats is that you can pair with any kind of outfits whether be it formal or casual. You can pair the black mens trench coats with formal suits and also look equally good when you wear the black mens overcoats topcoats over your favorite pair of jeans and T-shirt. This is what makes the long black mens trench coats famous and an instant pick. There are a lot of styles in mens trench coats like full maxi length trench coats, all weather trench coats, taupe trench coats, denim winter trench coats, classic poplin trench coats, leather duster trench coats, Andre lanzino trench coats, Albert nardoni trench coats and many more.