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Summer weddings are exciting since most tend to happen outdoors in the beaches and gardens. With the open venue and the friends after long time it is impossible not to enjoy but there is one minor factor to consider – the heat. While the bright light is welcome for the awesome photos it also means that we will sweat a lot. Thus choosing appropriate garments for the summer wedding is more important. While there are different options for you to choose from today we would like to focus on mens linen wedding attire. Interested to know more? Read the article further to receive tips on how to go about your summer wedding attire.

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Some people avoid summer weddings since they consider the heat impossible to bear. While most would be okay with the cotton garments there are some people who still can’t best the heat. In that case we would recommend you to try out the linen wedding attire. You might already be wondering what is so special about linen that cotton – the kind of summer fabrics do not have. We are here to explain in detail why we consider that linen might be a good option to try for people who aren’t satisfied with the cotton clothing.

What is linen?

Linen is a natural fibre that is obtained from the stem of the flax plant and hence they are long in length. Linen is not a new fabric and has been in use for thousands of years. People in the ancient times were known to use linen for the making of undergarments and bed coverings because of its soft nature. Linen bed coverings were used widely by the upper class people and soon became a symbol of wealth and social standing. Today you can acquire a linen garment without much of a scene and thus we would like you to try the look asap for the next summer.

Pink Suit What makes linen special?

The reason why we recommend linen wedding attire over cotton attire for some people might be apparent once you take a look at the characteristics of linen fabric.


Breathability is one of the main characteristics when it comes to summer fabrics. Breathability of the fabric is measured in terms of the thread count. Lower the thread count more is the breathability offered by the garment. Thus linen is considered superior here since linen has a much lower thread count when compared to cotton. For example a quality cotton bed sheet might have 200 thread counts while the same in linen would be only between 80 to 120. Thus when you choose wedding attire mens you have a better chance at comfortably getting through the event especially if you are a person who feels suffocated easily.

Moisture absorbance

When it comes to summer wedding attire or especially linen beach wedding attire there is an increased chance of you sweating too much. Linen has a good absorbing nature which means that it is a ideal summer fabric. Since it is hypoallergenic the sweat does not break down the fibers and hence it gets easily dry. The moisture wicking property of linen is known to be much better than cotton because of the former’s lack of elasticity. Thus when you attend an wedding where you expect to sweat much then you should definitely go with linen wedding attire outfits.

Beige Suit Durability

If you are purchasing a new suit or a shirt for a wedding then you might be thinking of styling it in the future for other purposes. Linen fibre is 30% more stronger than cotton and thus can last for a long time.

Linen when you first buy it might be slightly rougher to touch but with time it softens much better than cotton. If you are a person who loves the lived in feel that the soft garments provide then you should definitely go with the linen wedding attire mens.

Why is linen recommended for weddings?

Weddings are busy events and can take up the whole day. In that case you will have to keep the energy up to enjoy the event. Going dressed in an uncomfortable attire would drain the energy easily. Thus when it comes to summer weddings linen would be a better choice. Also weddings most times include parties and parties mean dancing. Imagine dancing in a crowd when the weather is scorching. To get through these technicalities it would be better if you choose the mens linen wedding party attire.

2 Piece Suit Linen tends to wrinkle easily and thus are usually not recommended when it comes to groom attire. But if the wedding is a semi formal or a casual one then you can definitely go with wedding linen groom attire. You just have to take extra care as not to wrinkle it too much.

Depending on the type of event you can choose the linen wedding attire. For example if it is formal wedding then you can choose to go with navy linen wedding attire or any dark colored suits. You can go through the dress code mentioned and choose the mens linen wedding guest dress according to it. While the dark colored suits are recommended for the formal weddings you can try out the light colored suits when it comes to linen casual wedding attire. Light blue wedding suits and beige wedding suits are some of our recommendations to get through the hot day. Light colored suits not only look great under the natural light but they also keep you cool by reflecting the heat while the dark colored suits absorb it.

You can also go with linen wedding white attire for the wedding as a guest but it is important to keep things simple so that you won’t upstage the groom on his special day. When you go with the light colored suits it would be best to choose linen slimfit wedding attire since linen is a light-weight fabric and tends to billow much when the fit is loose.