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The modern fashion scene has made pink a gender-specific color for the lady, which is why it would take some confident gentleman to rock a pink color. However, history tells us this used not to be the case in the 18th century, back then infants and toddlers either male or female used to be dressed in pink to symbolize innocence, health, and youth. In the '60s and '70s, the cloth manufacturers decided to take advantage of the fact that parents could know the sex of their babies, which meant clothes could not be handed down to their siblings. Therefore, they started producing gender specific clothes with pink staying with the girls.

Fashion trends morph over time, and currently, pink is donned by men who want to make a fashion statement. mens vest can be worn to both formal and social events it depends on how you mix the color

How to Rock that Pink Satin Vest Men

loafer 1. Black dress pants with a pink satin vest men the pink color has been used to represent power and bring out the fierce character. Therefore when wearing it with a black pant, it lets the attention remain in the camo vest. This combination when done with a striped dress shirt and a tie with brown leather shoes for formal events, or with light-colored polo shirts and some loafers for a less formal event.

2. Wear the Pink satin vest men with chino pants. Chinos come in different colors from blue, mustard, and grey. The idea is to make sure that the color blocks properly when wearing a pant with bright color make sure the suit mens linen vest is a bit pale and when the pants are pale then wear the Pink satin vest men.