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Mens Great Gatsby Party Mens Outfits

If you are a fan of vintage fashion then you definitely would have not missed enjoying The Great Gatsby. The 2013 movie got popular instantly for transporting us to the one of the most stylish decades for menswear. With awesome cast and gripping storyline, the film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's American classic managed to capture the hearts of the 21st century people. Among all the other details to note, the most important factor is the great Gatsby party mens outfits. As we mentioned before this story is set to happen in the 1920s timeline which is considered to be the golden period for fashion. If you are a person who loves the vintage styles then this article is for you. Even today after almost a decade since the film came out, the great Gatsby outfits are popular choices for the costume events. Thus the help on finding the right outfits is always welcome and we are here to provide you with just that.

What makes the 1920s fashion so special?

Brown Suit Some people might argue that there isn't much change with the mens fashion since we carry on with the same old suits and jeans style. You should show them pictures of men wearing the Zoot suits and baggy jeans. While the basic structure of all the outfits remain the same the details have varied according to the latest trends.

For example, the fit that men sported in the Victorian era might seem to be absurd for us now even though it is the same old suits. Now fashion is all about clean lines and minimal features. The 1920s is considered to be the decade which sowed the seeds for the current fashion. Until then the people were dressing to cover their natural lines with the baggy fit. But the 1920s saw the change where the men discovered the drape which followed the natural lines. People started to have fun with their clothing and this was the start for the sophisticated looks.

Great Gatsby outfits

The great Gatsby is a classic that only got more popular after the 2013 adaptation. The stellar cast proved to be the best choices for the characters and made the story appealing to the viewers even if it was based about a century ago. The great Gatsby outfits instantly attracted the public and became one of the most sought after styles at that period. There were suddenly a large number of great Gatsby linen outfits collections in the stores and a lot of people were looking for the mens great Gatsby outfit ideas.

Gatsby Costume Now creating this kind of ripple in menswear world is very rare and the Great Gatsby was able to make it happen. Even today you can easily get the outfits since it is a popular style for the costume events. You could check for the great Gatsby outfits in stores if you like to check out the style manually before choosing but if you want to save the time of visiting the store and like to check out more styles then buy Gatsby party white outfits online. You will also have a better chance of Gatsby party outfits in discounts when you purchase online.

If you take a look at the film, you will see that there are a lot of varying characters of different backgrounds coming together to make the story work. Each of the characters' costume design is done carefully while keeping their traits in mind. If you are choosing to go with the Gatsby party outfits styles then you will have to pick a certain person from the film to deliver it perfectly. Here are the major characters and then dressing style in the film which we hope will give you an idea of what works for you the best.

Jay Gatsby

What better way to start rather than choosing the protagonist for the film. Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Jay Gatsby in the film and he portrays it with ease. The character has money and is not afraid to spend it on his clothes. Even in the book, Jay Gatsby character is portrayed as the man who hoards a lot of clothing. If you are thinking to dress fancy for the event then we would suggest you to go with this best Gatsby party outfits.

To create an outline for the fashion of Jay Gatsby, make sure that you choose a designer Gatsby party suit since you need a rich and sophisticated look. The three piece suits were the norm at that period. We would suggest you to go with a peak lapel windowpane patterned suit and pair it with a high V neck vest and French cuff pointed collar shirt. Go with a stylish slicked back hairstyle and then you can even add a walking cane for the extra elegance.

Burgundy Suit
Nick Caraway

Now he is a middle class man and his clothing reflects it perfectly. If you are looking for simple yet smart Gatsby party gangster outfits for youth this Nick should your pick. You can choose a notch lapel suit and pair it with high v neck vest, light pink cotton dress shirt with removable collar. The pants of his suit are darker than the jacket which is a sign of the middle class person and another thing to note is the removable collar shirt. Now add a watch chain draped from one vest pocket to the next for the finishing touch.

Tom Buchanan

This is the perfect type to choose if you are looking for cool Gatsby party homecoming outfits especially if you have an fascination towards the gangster styles. Almost everyone chooses the single breasted suits in the film but Tom goes for the double breasted style which creates an air of importance around him. If you are choosing this great Gatsby party outfit for men then we would suggest you to choose a blue wool suit and pair it with a light blue pointed collar shirt, matching vest and a striped tie. A pair of black aviator sunglasses is a must to complete the look.