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Most of us can recognise a suit in an instant and also a tuxedo. But when it comes to morning suits and tailcoat suits, there is a confusion among most of the population. This is because of the fact that the tailcoat suits aren't common like the suits or the tuxedos. The tail coat suits are the predecessors of the tuxedos and have been out of style for quite some time now. But there are certain events, the most formal ones which come with the white tie dress codes. For these events, you should be choosing the classic tailcoat suit style. In this article, we will discuss this particular style and we hope that we will convince you to try out the style.

Black Suit The chances of most people getting invited to a white tie event is very less but there is nothing wrong with being aware in fashion. The white tie dress code is extremely rare and is mostly recommended for the royal events and formal state events. If you have an invitation for an event and there is the white tie dress code mentioned then know that you will be following strict dress code rules. With the white tie dress code, there is very less that is left to personal interpretation.

The tailcoat suit is the former tuxedo type garment which was used as the evening wear for the formal balls and gatherings. But with time, the tailcoat evolved into the tuxedo style that we have now. Today the tailcoat style is rarely followed in many countries except the United Kingdom. But in recent times, the style is receiving a lot of spotlight and hence we would like for you to know more about it.

Briefly the white tie dress code consists of the black suittailcoat which should be paired with the tuxedo shirt, white waistcoat, white bow tie and matching pants. There are optional accessories that can be added to further enhance the look of the outfit. The mens tail coat suit is much like the formal tuxedos but there are some variations which you want to know.

Tailcoat jacket

Red Tailcoat This is the part of the suit which has the major difference. While the tuxedo style that we normally choose is simple and short, the tailcoat jacket comes with a cutaway which creates an elegant curve from waist to hem. This extension on the back earned it the name tailcoat.

The tailcoat is also popularly known as the morning suit or the cutaway. Usually these tailcoats come with what appear to be the double breasted closure but in reality it is tailored in a way that the jacket cannot be buttoned. These tailcoats also come with pointed lapels and silk piping provided on the edges of the coats and lapels.

The fit of the tailcoat is the most important factor to note and hence make sure to go with the best quality tail coat suit from known brands. The perfect tailcoat should fit well on your shoulders and snugly hug your torso. As for the sleeves, it should be long enough to only show ¼ inch of your dress shirt. The tailcoat fit should be tailored to show the dollar of the dress shirt but not the band of the bow tie. The front of the stylish tail coat suit jacket should be long enough to cover the waistcoat but should never reach below the waist. The tails on these jackets should reach upto the back of the knees.

The fabric from which the suits are made also matter since it determines the comfort of the wearer. The classic tailcoat formal suits are made from fine worsted wool. It would be best if you choose wool fabrics with the super number above 100. The lapels on these tailcoats should be faced with satin or grosgrain.

Tailcoat suit trousers

Purple Tailcoat The tail coat suit trousers should be made of the same color and fabric as that of the tail coat suit jackets. The length of the tailcoats are quite short when compared to the tuxedos and hence the stylish tail coat suit trousers should come with a higher waistline. There are no provisions for wearing the belts and hence the fit should be perfect for the pants. There is also the adjustable concealed waistband and buttons on the back which are used to put on the suspenders.

These trousers can come with a straight cut or a pleated front. The pleated front style of the tailcoat for gatherings is the most popular and classic style but younger people are choosing the straight cut over the pleated ones in recent times. If you are a slim person then straight cut might look flattering but if you have a larger waistline then it would be better for you to go with the pleated tailcoat casual suit style for pants. These trousers also have one or two silk stripes that run along the sides of the trousers.

Other than these, the tailcoat suit consists of the white waistcoat and white bow tie which should be paired with the white tuxedo shirt. If you are styling the tailcoat for gatherings that is of great importance, make sure to follow all the rules. There are different styles available and you can choose the unique style tail coat suit for the special occasions.

You can choose the suit on various criteria. Some people might want to go with the most tailcoat expensive suit while some might choose the low cost tailcoat suit. It all depends on the budget and how much you are willing to pay to make the look work. You can use the search options like tailcoat suit near me to find the stores and sites that have the tail coat suit on sale. While you are purchasing the tail coat suit online, you will have to make sure that you have the right measurements and then pick out the right style. You might want to still take it to your tailor to make some tweaks.