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Mens Black Suits

The formal side of the menswear and the rules that come with it is considered to be a tricky business by most. If you are a person who does not concern yourself much about the rules and would like to go with the first simple choice then black suits might be the savior for you. The black suits have had a long history in menswear and is considered to be the best when it comes to formal wear. But in recent times with the people turning to be more open towards the colorful suits some argue that the time of glory of the black suits is over. But we beg to differ and in this article we discuss on why you need a black suit in your wardrobe.

Mens-Black-Wool-Suits Most of the men even the ones who don't wear suits often tend to have a black classic suit stashed in the wardrobe for emergency purposes. Such is the tendency of the black suits being ever versatile and adaptable. You cannot deny the fact that the black suits will blend in with almost all atmosphere of the events whether be it formal or casual. Thus the black suits are the safe haven that a man needs especially the one who doesn't concern himself much with the fashion trends.

While some people still argue against the black suits the reason that most state is that the black suits are boring. The black is a neutral color and thus you do not have the option of selecting the shades as with colors like blue and gray. But this does not mean that you cannot get creative with the black suits. In this article we give you some tips on styling the formal black suits in different ways.

Black-Formal-Kids-Suits As for the classic styling of the black suits the usual pattern is to pair the peak lapel black suits with a white dress shirt and a black tie. You can choose a bow tie and complement the ensemble with a vest or a cummerbund if you are attending a formal event like a black tie event. These are events that mostly come with strict dress codes and for these events it is required of you to be in black suits or navy suits. Navy suits are appropriate but they are still a second option to the classic black suits that have been the norm for the formal events for a long time now. For a extra dressy look you can add some accessories like tie pins, lapel pins and cufflinks. As for the colorgo with rose gold or brass since it will add warmth go the Monochrome look of the black suits.

Now if the event is a semi formal one or you are simply styling the black suits for a regular day at office then we would recommend you to go with notch lapel black suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black long tie. If you think that the look is too sombre then you can spice it up with adding little colors. For example you can swap the white shirt with a light blue dress shirt or a light pink dress shirt. In the same way you can go with patterned ties like Paisley ties or striped ties instead of the solid ties. While the black suits blend in well with any atmosphere it is still recommended to avoid wearing them for business purposes. Instead it might be better to style the black suits for formal events that are related to work.

For a smart casual look you can pair the single breasted black suit with a tshirt or a turtleneck instead of the formal dress shirt. As for the color of the combining garments go with neutral color palettes like beige, navy and maroon so that they complement well the black suit. If you are going with patterns then you can opt to go with subtle ones like stripes or geometric mosaic. As for selecting the type of combining garments and the material of the black suits it is best to consider the season at which you are wearing the suit and the event that you are attending. For winter the turtleneck or a roll neck sweater paired with a black wool suit or a flannel black suit might work. For summer or spring you can go with a cotton black suit or black linen suit paired with a casual shirt or a T-shirt.

Mens-Three-Button-Black-Suit Three-Button-Black-Wool-Suit Mens-Solid-Black-Wool-2-Button Mens-Three-Button-Black-Suit

If the event is a semi formal or casual one you can relax with the rules. If it is a wedding and you are the groom then you can dress up for your special day in a traditional 3 piece black suit paired with white dress shirt and a contrasting colored tie. If you are not very fond of the vested black suit look then you can simply go with the 2 piece black suit look. When you want to stand out from the crowd you can opt to go with black silk suits velvet suits. If you are a guest then you can relax a little by pairing the 2 button black suit with a white dress shirt and leave out the tie option.

The all black suit look is a flattering one that you can wear to semi formal and casual events. For a slightly formal yet dressy look you can go with the Idris Elba approved look of a high quality black suit paired with a black dress shirt and a black silk tie. Or you can take inspiration from Harry Styles by pairing the black slim fit suit paired with a black dress shirt and a cool black fedora hat. It might be better if you buttoned up more of the dress shirt buttons though because it is a fashion style that might be Harry Styles exclusive. Other than these you can opt to go with patterned ones like black pinstripe suits and black plaid suits for a formal look.