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Mens Black Suits With White Trim

Our guess is that most of the men have black suits in their wardrobe. This is because of the wide practice of the parents buying black suits as the entryway for their children into the formalwear world. But black suits are now considered to be out of style by most young people. This is until a formal event that has a dress code comes in the way. Black suits are inevitable occurrence in menswear and to make it exciting you can add small tweaks. Black suits with white trim is one such style that you can try without the suit losing the formality too much. To know more about mens black suits with white trim read the article further.

Tuxedo Suit 2 Button Suit Trim Suit Shiny Suit

For all those people who argue that the black suits are the most boring garment that anyone can find – you are correct partially. The neutral palette of the black suits do not offer much excitement but they are also arguably one of the most versatile styles that you can get. If you aren’t too sure then you have to just look to Harry styles and Rami Malek for inspiration. These two men have always used the black suit to achieve impressive outfits. Harry styles who is known for his bold looks even reverts back often to the black suit look. If Harry styles approve of the black suit style then we are all in for it. Black suits are not irredeemable. All you want to make the black suits a success is little tweaks and the right styling.

When it comes to black suits with white trim it refers to the black suits that comes with the white trim on the edges of the suit jacket. The white trim on the black suit jacket gives the garment a nice contrast and makes the look more interesting. If you are a person who is seriously bored of the black suit and black tuxedo look but still have to follow it because of the dress codes you can choose the black white trim suits since it would offer you a refreshing look. Also black suits with white trim makes you look more trendy and modern in the black suits which otherwise would be boring and usual.

Where to wear the black suits?

Lapel Suit When it comes to black suits the main thing to know is when to style them. There are a lot of events that require you to wear a black suit but this does not mean that you should go with the black trimmed formal suit every time you receive an invitation to a formal event. Know the nature of the event and evaluate whether black suit would be an appropriate style to wear to these events.

For example if there is a formal event with a black tie attire mentioned then you should get ready for the tuxedo Black white suit. If you have noted some of the celebrities look then you would know that they have always stuck with the black tuxedos even through the fashion changes. Here are some of the formal tuxedo outfits that would help you decide on your look.

Leonardo DiCaprio

If there is one man from whom you can take formal dressing lessons then it is DiCaprio. The Titanic heartthrob all through the long years in Hollywood have never slipped in terms of costume for the award events. The man always sticks with the most basic looks and if you are looking for black tuxedo outfits then you should browse some of Leo’s award event outfits. Even when he was promoting his film “Revenant” he showed up in full black tuxedo look along with his shaggy hairstyle.

Bradd Pitt

Black Tuxedo Another heartthrob who looks great in everything he wears. Though you can see Bradd rocking some of the most recent styles when it comes to award events he reverts back to the traditional black tuxedo look. There are a lot of outfits of Bradd Pitt that you can try out and the difference between Leo and Bradd is that the former tends to stick with the most basic styles while the latter tries out new looks but with a subtle note. For example you can note Bradd Pitt wearing a black white lapel suit or a black tuxedo white suit look while DiCaprio sticks with the standard black suit look.

While both the looks have worked out for the respective men we would recommend you to follow Bradd Pitt when it comes to formal dressing. Of course Leonardo looks great in the traditional look but trying out new things like trim shawl vested suit and 2 tones white lapel suit is important.

Coming back to the black suits with white trim you can style them for the formal events with the dress codes and also for the weddings. It would be best if you avoid wearing them for the funerals since the white trim might look a little fancy. As for the weddings regardless of your status you can choose the mens black white suit since it is a basic look. We mention this because when it comes to colored suits and you are the guest you have to be cautious of upstaging the groom on his special day. But with the black suit with white trim the risk is less.

On the other hand if you are the groom then we would recommend you to go with the wedding suit tuxedo black with white lapels. The shawl collar tuxedo would give out a dressier look when compared to the other styles and thus is recommended for the grooms. If you are not going with a traditional wedding and want to ditch the tuxedo you can choose to go with 4 piece white trim suits since they offer an almost equally formal look. You just have to make sure that the fit is right for the look to be great. Lapel black Slimfitted suitsare usually recommended since they accentuate the silhouette the best but you can also try other fits.