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When it comes to work we are all used to being the navy colored bots who go on about the day as if it is routine. But with the weekends comes the parties and events where we can recharge back. Other than this there are also occasional events like weddings and such. For these events it would be better to keep aside the usual navy and charcoal suits and try something new and stylish. White and gold suit is our recommendation for today and we can already see most people backing out. But hear us out before you instantly decide that the style is not for you. Today we will try to convince you on why white and gold suit mens might be a good choice for your next purchase.

While we talk about white and gold suit remember that we are not asking you to wear them for your office or work related events. These are for the casual events where you are supposed to have fun. When fun is involved why would you stick with the same old monochrome garments. If you do like the white and gold mens suits style but are avoiding it since you consider it hard to pull off we are here to assure you that it isn't hard as you make it to be. Once you break the prejudice and try it on you will understand that it is nothing more than the usual suit and you can easily style them in the future.

Gold Tuxedo White and gold suit look can be anything since the outfit depends on the wearer. If you are a subtle dresser then you might be starting with a white suit that is paired with a gold pocket square and be content with it. But when it comes to people who dare to try flashy looks you can go a step further and think about gold colored ties and even gold colored shoes. The styling aspect solely depends on you and you can choose the style in which you feel the most comfortable. The gold accessories are definitely unique and thus will stand out when paired with the suits. But when it is paired with the white suits the look is more balanced. We would recommend you to go with the all gold suit look for the summer and spring events when the natural light is abundant.

White suit with a gold tie

For the people who are used to the subtle dressing there is no better way to be include gold in their outfit than a tie. You can go with gold pocket squares but they do not tend to show too much making it get lost in the hustle. But when it comes to ties, they are one of the things that catches the eye of the viewer. Going with a gold tie showcases your confidence and the ability to pull off such a rare look. When paired with a white suit it would definitely draw attention towards you and make you the focal point. This style of white and gold dress suit outfit is recommended for the award events and cocktail events where drawing attention is not considered inappropriate.

White suit style would definitely suit the weddings but it would be the best for the grooms. Even if you are going with the black tuxedo look you can swap the usual black bow tie with a gold colored one so that you would easily stand out from the rest of the crowd. This tip would be useful for formal weddings where the guests would also turn up in tuxedos and there is a heavy chance of the groom's outfit being overpowered. When it comes to summer weddings then we would recommend you to consider white and gold groom suit since the neutral but bright color looks great in pictures. Thus if you are looking for a wedding outfit then consider going with white and gold wedding suits.

White suit with gold shirt

White And Gold Suit This is a step up from the previous style and of course more bold. If you are looking for a style that would make you look confident while also making a strong fashion statement then you should try going with this style of white and gold men's suits. Styling the white suit with a gold colored shirt would give out a dressier and cool look.

There are many shades of gold and thus you need not panic thinking that you are going to look like an Egyptian mummy with all the gold garments surrounding you. Depending on the look that you aim you can choose the right style of the gold shade and then make the look work.

Prom is another one of the events where the mens white and gold suit style would work. Usually the prom was held to be a formal event in the past but now there are different types of events and consequently different dress codes. For example there are vintage themed proms, movie themed proms and many more. Thus you are not restricted to the black tuxedos anymore and thus you can go wild with your prom outfit. If you want a trendy but dressed up look then you can choose to go with the gold and white 3 piece suits. You can keep everything white while choosing the vest in the gold shade. White suit would also be a great choice for people who are attending the 1920 themed proms since the style was the peak of popularity at that time.

White and gold suit would be a plausible choice when you attend parties. For a flashy look you can go with the gold and white sequin suits but if you think that the style is too much and want to start out slow then you can choose the gold suit jackets. Patterned gold and white suit jackets would also be a great choice since they are easier to style.