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Most of us are used to the standard styles both in terms of formal wear and casual wear. We would all have a default navy suit and charcoal grey suit in our wardrobe and use them through the week. There is nothing wrong in going with the standard styles given that they work perfectly for any time of event but it is also recommended for you to try something new now and then. Patterned garments are a good attempt at trying out a different style that is also within the formal limits. In this article we discuss the herringbone pants and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

There is no doubt in the fact that herringbone is a versatile style that has been in mens fashion for a long time. The advantage with the herringbone pattern is that it is versatile and can work for most events. If you are a person who has followed the standard dressing codes but would now like to something new then you can choose to go with mens herringbone pants. The herringbone style is subtle and thus can work for even the most simple dressers. Before going into the details of the pants it will help for you to know the history of the pattern and how it came to have the importance that it has now.

Herringbone Pants Herringbone is often confused with twill and you cannot dispute the fact that they are almost one and the same. Twill is a common fabric especially in mens fashion which is crafted with a diagonal weave that runs in the same direction. On the other hand herringbone has alternating weaves which changes direction at regular increments. This results in a pattern that looks similar to the bones of the fish called herring and hence the name herringbone. The herringbone has fascinated the designers for a long time since the pattern which looks solid from a distance gives a visually distinct look when examined in close proximity. When the herringbone pants are accentuated with colors and textures the striped appearance becomes even more distinct. Also this pattern seems to have a shine of its own because of the weave.

As for the history it is believed that the ancient Romans used this pattern for the laying of the roads. The criss crossing pattern helped the roads to absorb the compression caused due to the movement of the traffic. As for the use of this pattern in the fabric it also seems to have been in Italy. The use of the herringbone pattern started out in the suits especially in the tweed pieces when it spread to Ireland. Now the popularity of herringbone pattern has reached all over the world and now it is applied even to the lightweight cotton garments.

Now coming back to the herringbone pants there are a lot of things that you will have to note. Among them the first thing that influences a lot of factors is the fabric used for the making of pants. If you are aware of the style you would know that tweed pants are the most popular choice since the pattern looks great with the thick country fabric. When you go with herringbone tweed pants you can use them with formal garments especially in winter and fall since they offer good insulation. But if you live in a place that is hot for most of the time then it will be best for you to go with lightweight styles. Cotton pants and herringbone linen pants are the ones that are most recommended for these seasons. Most of the clothing companies now provide you with these featherlight fabrics which can keep you comfortable even on a very hot day.

Tweed Pants Grey Pant Tan Pant Wool Pant

As for styling the mens herringbone pants there are a few ideas which we think can help you figure out the one which works for you the best. If you are dressing for a regular workday you can choose to style the grey herringbone dress pants with a white dress shirt, red striped tie and a navy double breasted blazer. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of black leather loafers. When you need a smart casual style that looks equal parts formal and stylish then you can style the light grey men herringbone wool pants with a navy turtleneck and then add with it a grey overcoat. To perfectly finish off the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather double monks.

If you are attending a semi formal summer event then you can choose to style the black herringbone suit pants with a white striped dress shirt, black print tie and a tan single breasted blazer. To complete the look you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather penny loafers. If you are trying out a bundled look for the winter then you can choose to style the herringbone black pants with a white dress shirt and charcoal crew neck sweater. To add some color to the otherwise neutral look add with the outfit a red duffle coat and a pair of white leather slip on sneakers with white socks. For a more subtle look you can choose to style the herringbone brown tweed pants men with a white dress shirt, black check cardigan and a camel overcoat. To complete the look add with the ensemble a pair of black leather derby shoes with black socks.

For more casual styling of the men’s pants you can style the light grey herringbone plaid pants with a simple white crew neck tshirt and then add a black overcoat to the mix. Other than this you can choose to style the herringbone casual pants with a navy short sleeve shirt for a weekend look and then add with it a pair of white athletic shoes. For a cool herringbone pants outfit go through the styles available and choose the best pants mens.