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With the festive season coming in, you might be thinking of getting a garment which can stylishly get you through for these events. While you can make do with your usual business suits, when you truly want to impress, it would be best for you to choose the special ones like mens green velvet suits. You might already know that the velvet suits are having a moment and are the peak of popularity. We have been seeing celebrities flaunting the velvet suits for the special occasions and we have to say the outcome is gorgeous. If you are even half as impressed as us with the velvet garments then you should be choosing the green suits.

Mint Jackets Green might seem to be an odd suggestion for some people, especially if you are the navy and grey type of conservative dresser. But if you are following the fashion trends, you might note that the green has become one of the prominent choices among men. There are various shades in the green suits and depending on the event and your need, you can choose the right type of the suit.

For example, the dark velvet suits provide a cool and collected look which can work even for the most formal events. Thus if you have a black tie event to attend but find the black tuxedo to be a boring choice then you can choose the designer green velvet suit for the event. This would provide you with an unique look that also makes to stand out from the crowd of the black tuxedo wearers. The light or bright colored green suits aren't very popular like the dark green suits but if there is a fun event involved and you want to look extravagant and eye catching for the event, then you can think of choosing the lighter and brighter shades.

Velvet Blazer For getting the suit, it is important to go through various choices and find the right one. We would always recommend you to go with the best quality green velvet suits. Check whether the material used for the making the suits is worth the price and whether it would be durable. Searching for the sites and shops that have the particular style of the garment that you are searching for is easy. You just have to type in velvet suit near me and then find the ones that have the right look. While choosing the velvet suit online, take some time to browse through the styles and then make the choice. You can style even select the factors like the price. When you have enough budget you can go with the most expensive green velvet suits but when you find it to be unnecessary you can also choose the green velvet cheap priced suits. But while choosing the low cost velvet suits, make sure that it is of good quality. With the good quality choices, you can make some tweaks and the result would instantly look like the costly green suits.

When it comes to the styling of the mens velvet suits, you can go with the full suit look or you can choose to style it as separates. Both would result you with an impressive look but you should make sure to choose the right combining garments. This might be greatly influenced by the type of the event you are attending. Hence if it is a special occasion like a wedding or a party, check whether there is a dress code mentioned. If there is, you can just follow the instructions and choose the best look. If there is no such dress code mentioned then take into account the nature of the event and the venue where it is scheduled to happen. This would help you to make the right choice in terms of the outfit. Here we have compiled some of the best green suit outfits which we think might help you get the right look. Choose one which suits the type of event you are attending.

Velvet Suit Slimfit Suit Green Suit Emerald Suit
To start with a formal and classy look, you can choose to style the double breasted green velvet classic suit with a white striped dress shirt and a navy striped tie. Some would love to go with the velvet bow tie to match the look of the outfit. Adding a pair of navy socks and dark brown leather brogues would make the whole look complete. If you are a man with love for colors in the outfit then you can style the branded green suit with a light blue dress shirt and violet polka dot tie. To add a powerful essence to your outfit, include a pair of burgundy leather dress boots with the green velvet suit outfit.

If you are looking for a smart casual look that could help you look great for the semi formal occasions, you can style the stylish green velvet party suit with a white long sleeve shirt and a white pocket square. To make the outfit more stylish and trendy, you can add with it a pair of beige suede loafers. Want to take the casualness a bit further? Then you can choose to style the unique velvet suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and a white pocket square. To effortlessly play down the look of this outfit, add a pair of white canvas low top sneakers and black sunglasses.

Apart from the green with white look, you can also try out the green with black look for the ensemble. For an amazingly stylish outfit, you can style the green velvet wedding suit with a black dress shirt and then add a pair of black leather loafers to the mix. On the other hand, you can also style the green suit jacket with a black dress shirt and a pair of black ripped jeans. A pair of black leather Chelsea boots would properly round off the look of this outfit.