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Mens Navy Wool Suits

When you ask a man what is the most basic color of the suit the answers would vary. If it is a college student then the answer most probably would be black. But if you ask any person who works in a corporate office without doubt most answers would be navy. Navy wool suits have become the king of the formalwear at least for the working people. I have 2-3 navy suits in my wardrobe and I still do not know the difference between them. The problem is the same for most people. Navy suits definitely have an inevitable place in our wardrobes but are we utilizing it in the right way? In this article we will discuss how you can make peace with the overwhelming time that we spend while wearing the wool suits.

Wedding Suit There is a reason why the navy suits have risen to the most prominent place in the formalwear. Black suits have always been a favorite of men through the centuries but the younger generation seems to be fed up with it recently. All the while the black suits would be a terrible workwesr since it is too sombre to wear daily. Grey suits have replaced the spot of the black suits and run in the close second to the navy suits for working men. Men shy away from bright colors but they love to do it in moderation. Thus wool suits are obviously the most sensible choice when it comes to workwear suits.

But with navy so often connected with work it is possible for the men to get fed up with it. To avoid this it would be better if you try out different styles with it instead of sticking with the usual routine. We sure know that the classic navy wool suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black striped tie would get you through the day but having fun with the outfit is something that can make your day better. Here we have listed some of the navy suit outfit styles that can work for you. After trying these out you would gain an idea of what is possible with the navy suits and in no time you would love the time you spend finding new styles to dress up.

Consider the dress code

Wool Suit If you are dressing for the work then you might want to consider the dress code. Some companies still maintain the formal dress code while most of them have shifted to the smart casual dress code. Even if you are styling the suit for a different event like a wedding consider the dress code. Look for it in the invitation and if not present gauge the time and venue of the wedding to find he appropriate style. This way you can blend right in with your navy suit wool outfit without attracting too much attention. Weddings and workplaces are two settings where it might be rude to attract too much attention on yourself unless in the first case you are the groom.

Formal look

Now to start with the formal look this would work for the strict workplaces along with the formal weddings and work related dinner parties. The aim here is to look appropriate while still being dressed up. Here are some examples on how you can make this look work.

If you are a suit enthusiast then you would definitely have gone through the styles of David Beckham. The man seems to have a well curated wardrobe but time and again he surprises us with the basic styles. But the thing with his styles is that he can make the most basic style red carpet worthy. Now this is the trick we all have to learn. For a game he attended the star player was seen wearing a navy wool 2 button suit that he paired with a white dress shift and a black solid tie. While this is the basic outfit you should notice the details which makes it worth mentioning. The tie is not a skinny one since a skinny tie would make his shoulders look too big. Instead he goes with a broader tie and secures it with a tie pin. Further a violet pocket square is added to the mix and then the whole outfit is completed with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. These small details of the pocket squares and tie pins might look unrelated to the navy wool suit style but all of these join to make this outfit a perfection.

Navy Suit Wool Suit 2 Button Suit Wool Suit

Other than the black tie you can also choose to go with the colored choices like burgundy tie or light blue tie. Single breasted navy suits are the ones that are most recommended but if you want to stand out in the subtle way go with double breasted navy suits. You also have the option of navy wool 3 piece suits but in our opinion this option is best left for the CEOs and the grooms.

Smart casual

As mentioned before most companies have moved to the smart casual dress codes. For a winter day you can style the navy wool blend suit with a white dress shirt and a crew neck sweater. Other than this you can also choose to go with styling the separates. The navy wool suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt and black dress pants is a cool style.

Casual style

Navy wool suits can be the most versatile garments in your wardrobe if you let it be. Instead of restricting it as your workwear you can style them for the casual events too but with appropriate combining garments. For example if you are attending a wedding and are looking for a cool style then you can style the navy wool wedding suit with a simple white shirt and a pair of black jeans. If it is a for a summer party you can style the casual well fitted wool suit with a printed crew neck tshirt or a long sleeve linen shirt.