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If you are a overcoat type of person then chances are high that you already have two or more overcoats in your wardrobe. The one for all approach might not work for you and in this case if you are looking for a new addition to your collection we recommend you to go with the menspeacoats that is if you don't already have one in your wardrobe. In this article we discuss all you need to know about mens peacoatsand some of the best ways to style them.

Mens Checkered Blazer When it comes to overcoats most have their origin from the military and hence are classified to be classics. The term classic is now being used easily but a truly classic item is the one that is perfect when it is introduced and continue to be in the same design for years to come. In that case peacoats are a classic item since there is very little to no changes in its design from the time of its origin. The winter item is still being used in its original design for over two centuries. Usually the origin story of the overcoats are interesting like the one of the trench coats. In the same way peacoats also have a interesting origin but it is ambiguous unlike the clear one of the trench coats. There are one too many and you can choose the one that suits you best.

The first origin story is of the Dutch version which claims that the peacoats originated in the early 1800s. At that time the peacoats were also widely known as the pea jackets. It was told to have derived from the Dutch word called pijjaker which means the coat or jacket that is made from coarse cloth. This story is believable since the peacoats have proved to have naval origin and the Dutch were the best in terms of naval power for a long time.

The next origin story states that the peacoats had it's origin in the British naval army. This claims that a British clothing brand named camplin started providing uniforms for the British navy from the mid 1800s. The business caught on in the late 1800s and the brand was asked to design a coat for the petty officers in the navy. This was because of the fact that these officers were given the same uniform as that of the sailors till then. The brand then designed the petty coats for these officers which was popularly known as the P. coats. This origin story claims that these P. coats later came to be known as the peacoats because of the phonetic reasons. The clothing brand now has its base in Italy and sells peacoats even today which might be a fact that anchors the authenticity of this story.

The next origin story of the peacoats traces back to the 19th century of England. At that time there was a equivalent of a fashion magazine named tailor and cutter which would trace out the new styles that the people or most frequently the royals wore. It would explain the features of the new style and then would comment on it. According to the magazine issue of october 1868 a jacket called prince of Wales jacket emerged in style which consists of the same features of the peacoats style that we have now. According to the records and the hard evidence there is not one story that the historians can fixate upon and this the origins of the menspeacoats still remain ambiguous.

Camel Overcoat If you are new to the peacoats style then here are some basics features that will help you identify it when you see one on the store. The peacoats were designed for functional purposes rather than for simply fashion. It being the classic garment the functional design is the one that is carried on still now. The peacoats consists of a straight cut and is a double breasted style. As for the length the peacoats are slightly longer than that of the regular jackets but will be shorter than the overcoats like the trench coats.

The classic peacoats will feature a oversized Ulster collar which means they are similar to the turn up collar which you can button up around your face. This was provided so that the sailors can protect their face and the eyes against the storms and heavy splashing of the sea water while sailing. The double breasted peacoats usually have 7 buttons and when you pair the peacoats with several layers of clothing then it may be hard to button the top most button. The remaining 6 buttons on the menspeacoats are arranged in the usual double breasted coat fashion. If you are a person who is into details go for the menspeacoats with short or no side vents. The navy peacoat style usually consists of a center vent. The traditional peacoats come with the vertical slit pockets.

The reason why we recommend you to try out the peacoat style is that they are classy and will the wearer a clean look. You can easily use the peacoats for your everyday office look since it does not have any extra designs or Ornamentation. Thus the traditional peacoat is a good style for a man who would like to try out something new than the full overcoat versions.

Navy Peacoat As for fabric from which the peacoats are made from it is an important factor to check. peacoats are overcoats nonetheless and thus are worn to ward off the cold. Thus make sure that you select the right type of fabric that will suit your need. The US Navy mens peacoat version is still famous and this is made of 80% wool and 20% artificial fibers. But you can also find the versions which are made from 100% melton wool. These are thicker and if you live in a place with harsh winters then it might be a good choice to go with 100% wool versions.

Wool mens peacoats are easier to get and also reasonable in price. There are menspeacoats available in different weights and you can choose the one that is comfortable for you. For a luxurious pick you can go with the cashmere menspeacoats. While the wool is the traditional fabric for menspeacoats nowadays they are available in almost all fabrics. Lightweight versions like cotton peacoats are also available but they are more of a topcoat rather than an overcoat. If you have a limited budget then you can go for synthetic ones like polyester peacoats and nylon peacoats but it is better to avoid them when quality is considered. If you want to get it at a lesser budget without compromising on the quality a great deal then you can try out the blended wool peacoats.

The buttons on the peacoats are another important thing to note. Being a double breasted style the buttons on the peacoats tend to garner a lot of attention and hence make sure you go with the right ones. The old navy peacoats versions consists of black plastic buttons that has a fouled anchor design imprinted on it. If you are opting to go with the midnight blue peacoat versions then you may note that these vintage peacoats have brass buttons on them. The material from which the buttons of the peacoats were made used to denote the rank of the officers in the navy but as a civilian you are free to choose the buttons which pleases your taste.

There are different styles in peacoats and if you like to try out new ones then here are some ideas. The classic peacoats have a cropped double breasted cut which is the signature style of the peacoats. The slight flair near the hips help the wearer to move more freely originally designed for the sailor to fluidly maneuvere his way on the rocking deck. The classic peacoats consists of a large collar which you can turn up. These are notch lapel peacoats but sometimes also come in shawl collar versions.

This traditional style of peacoats can be styled with almost any garment whether be it formal or casual. The styling also majorly depends on the color of the peacoats that you choose. For a formal look you can pair the charcoal peacoat witha grey wool turtle neck and grey dress pants. For an accented look you can add a brown scarf and a pair of dark brown tassel loafers. For a stylish look you can pair the black mens peacoat with a tan zip neck sweater, black shirt jacket and grey chinos. This bundled up look can be completed with a pair of grey suede desert boots and black flat cap.

When you need a prominent look you can go with the black fur collar mens peacoat paired with a white turtleneck and charcoal jeans. The fur collar will provide the wearer with the extra warmth and the also ups the fashion factor of your outfit. To properly complete the elegant look you can add a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. For a stylish look that you can wear for your date you can pair the navy menspeacoat with a navy turtleneck and navy skinny jeans. The dark look will be perfect for the gloomy seasons like winter or fall. You can complete the look with a pair of black suede Chelsea boots. While the dark colors like charcoal grey and black are the best for formal use you can also use them for casual styles. But when you need a fashion garment that you can flaunt on the fun gatherings then we would recommend you to go with the lighter colors of peacoats.

Wool Winter Coat For example a light grey mens peacoat paired with a grey crew neck sweater and charcoal vertical striped chinos is a cool yet simple style that you can try for a casual day around the city. For a casual laid back look you can pair the camel mens peacoat with the grey hoodie and navy sweatpants. To charge up the outfit you can add a pair of black leather casual boots. For a tonal look you can pair the beige peacoat with a tan turtleneck and dark brown jeans. Complete the look with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots so that you can properly anchor the look.

As for the fit of the menspeacoat you should keep in mind that you may often wear with layers. Go for slightly bigger fit rather than the body hugging type. A slim fit menspeacoat paired with a black turtleneck and white jeans can be a good semi formal ensemble. A classic fit menspeacoat paired with a white dress shirt, beige shawl cardigan, dark brown tie and khaki dress pants can be a classic formal outfit that you can wear to your office. A modern fit menspeacoat paired with a grey wool turtleneck and dark brown chinos can be a cool smart casual outfit. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots.

Other than the classic one there are other menspeacoat styles that you can try out. The bridge coat is same as the menspeacoat but the main difference is in its length. The bridge coats are longer and sometimes even reach knee length while still retaining the double breasted and large collar menspeacoat styles. Other than this there is also the option of single breasted menspeacoat which comes without the overlapping flaps. These type of overcoats have a single row of buttons and are considered to be much casual than the classic menspeacoats. You can choose the version of menspeacoats that would suit your style and then make the best use of it.