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Mens Peacoat

There are several styles of coats and jackets available according to the needs and style statements people need to create and one of the desired types of prim coat type that many would try at least once is a mens navy pea coat. There are many occasions in fashion industry to be picked when it had derived a lot of dressing styles from military uniforms. One of the best successful examples of this adaptation is a navy pea coat that is still worn with pride and comfort. An original mens navy pea coat was too heavy that the modern counterparts that the common people wear today and that is why the original pea coats had iron chain hanger attached to the coat so that it can be used to hang the heavy pea coat when it is not in use.

Mens Navy Pea CoatThe modern pea coat version that we use is a lighter one but has almost the same kind of prim look. The sturdiness of a navy pea is not carried over to the common ones thinking that it is not useful for this time period. We can call a pea coat as a heavy traditional over coat that is made up of high quality wool. You can easily identify a navy pea coat by it few basic structural identifications like wide lapels, vertical pockets and large buttons. An original navy pea coat is double breasted and falls to stop exactly near the groin. The 18th century navy sailors were the first to wear these pea coats to help them fight against cold and many other bad weathers. These pea coats were made of 30-oz wool and the materials thus formed were called as the p-cloth. The only color in which these material came out was dark blues which is almost black.

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