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If you are a fan of vintage styles and love watching classic movies then you are in a double treat with the Great Gatsby. While the movie is based on one of the most popular novels the fashion choices of the characters make it even more worth watching. The star studded cast provides a stunning performance and you would be lost in the movie within minutes. Though this might look like a promotion to the film we actually want to talk about a particular garment in the film that has captured our attention which is the great Gatsby pink suit. In this article we will talk in detail about the great Gatsby pink suit mens the symbolisms behind it in the film and also why you should consider adding a pink suit to your wardrobe collection.

For a long time pink was considered to be a women's color and some even today consider it to be. This seems to be the case in the 1920s too when the novel actually came out. The main character of the novel is Jay Gatsby who seems to love dressing up and has the money to do so. But when the man is spotted in a pink suit he is mocked regardless of the power and money. There is a reference that a high class man from oxford would not wear pink and this is an important reference. But the pink suit is what makes the man stand out from the rest of the characters. The great Gatsby pink suit has been researched ever since for the connotations.

While in the previous century pink was related to the low class people things have changed now. Wearing pink is now seen as a sophisticated style and thus the pink garments are becoming more common now. Also both in the novel and the film pink is related to the symbolism for the love of Jay Gatsby for his love interest Daisy. Even when he meets her the last time he wears a pink suit.

The novel "The Great Gatsby" came our in 1925 and was not well received at that time. This was the time of the roaring twenties and the novel is believed to be ahead of its times. Though there was a movie adaptation in 1926, the movie that was made in 1949 only made the story come into light and let people notice it. Now the great Gatsby is considered to be one of the most loved classics but the author Scott Fitzgerald died in 1940 believing his novel to be a failure.

Pink Suit Coming back to the pink mens great Gatsby suit it has an important place in the story and thus is strategically placed. Now if you are convinced about the style as much as we are you would definitely want to try it yourself. This is one of the popular costumes and you can pull it off for events like costume parties and such. If you are wondering about the details of the great Gatsby pink suit outfit then here are the ones that you should note.

When you attend costume events with these styles of the suits even the smallest details matter. You might not get all these details right but you can try to get the ones that are possible. The costume details in the books are usually ignored when the stories are adapted into film. But since the pink suit costume was strategical for the story it was adopted as such for the film. Thus for the big screen it became important for Jay Gatsby to appear in a pink suit for the climax.

The three piece great Gatsby outfit that Jay Gatsby wears for the 1974 great Gatsby film is a linen suit and is the perfect example of how much the tailoring improved at that time. Though the design is inspired from the 1920s the great Gatsby pink suit that Redford wears seems like the one made in 1974. But in the 2013 film the pink great Gatsby suit that Leonardo DiCaprio wears is almost the perfect replication of the 1920s suit style.

The pink suit in the film was from the Brooks brothers and is made of woven linen. The great Gatsby pink suit mens is not so glaringly pink so that the scoff about pink suit and oxford man is taken care of. The mild style of the Gatsby pink suit is soft so much so that a fashionista like daisy doesn't take him seriously on the first glance.

The Gatsby pink suit jacket comes with a low 3 button stance. The single breasted suit jacket has peak lapels and gatsby wears it with only the top button fastened. You might notice that the man stands with the jacket pushed back while having his hands at the pockets. This is a dignified pose that is expected from a man of his status and is considered to be elegant.

The Gatsby pink slim suit blazer is cut to be slim and this style was the one that was popular in the 1920s. The suit coat also comes with soft shoulders and roped sleeve heads. Another important detail about the jacket that is to be noted is that they come with Edwardian style turnback cuffs which is a style that is distinct about the 20s since the style did not come back in the later years.

The Gatsby pink suit vest is comes with five buttons and he wears all the buttons fastened rather than leaving the last one unbuttoned like the standard style. The great Gatsby pink suit vest is single breasted and comes without lapels. As for the mens great Gatsby suit pants they are flat fronted with the rise that is just above the natural waist. The trousers come with a straight cut and medium break. This style of Gatsby pink suit design was the most popular in the roaring twenties.