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Mens Harlem Nights Costume

Costume parties are not an everyday affair and thus can be exciting. We get to let our creative juices flowing and choose outfits that may or may not belong to our time. There are a few themes that get repeated for these costume parties and one among that is the 20’s costume style. This is obvious since we were at the height of sartorial sense at the 20s especially with the mens formal wear. Even today there are films that come out on a regular basis which is themed on the 20s. Harlem nights costume parties are also one of the most common ones along with the great Gatsby parties which focuses on the 20’s style.

Black Suit For people who do not know Harlem nights is a crime dramedy that came out in 1989. Eddie Murphy who was the comedy king at that time decided to expand his talent horizon in the production and writing department with this film. With its stellar cast Harlem nights was expected to be a financial success which it delivered but it was not so lucky with the critics. But Harlem nights continues to be one of the epics and classics in the black culture. This film is set at the time which was the end of the Harlem Renaissance. Thus if you want a culturally rich and classic look then you should definitely try going with the Harlem nights costume.

What is Harlem Renaissance?

This is usually defined as the literary movement that has its center in Harlem which later became the premier black metropolis in the United States. The effect was seen in music and theatre along with the poetries. This period of the fight for inclusion in the entertainment and literary field for the African Americans is termed as the Harlem Renaissance.

Harlem nights costume

When you watch the film you would understand the effect of Harlem Renaissance in it. Though we will not five deep into the screenplay and such we will discuss the Harlem nights costume designs. Both the Harlem nights mens costumes and womens costume throughout the film was flashy and glamorous. All the black characters in the film were beautiful, confident and glamorous making the style perfect.

Harlem nights can be compared with the present day epic film “The Great Gatsby” since it is the best combination of cinematography and fashion. Even today it would be a visual treat to watch the movie again. Along with the flashy and glamourous costumes there was also the music and dance making it the perfect choice for the theme of the costume parties.

Harlem Night Costumes Black Suit White Suit Black Suit

Mens Harlem nights costume

The suits in the Harlem nights were the best considering they were at the height of popularity at that time. All the styles in the Harlem nights film was forward for the time and thus continue to fascinate most people even today. Thus you can definitely rock the Harlem nights costume suits for the parties and even Halloween. There are different styles in the Harlem nights mens costumes and you can choose the one that would suit your personality. Here are some ideas on the selecting and styling of the Harlem nights costume which would help you get ready for the event without any glitch.

Harlem nights costume suits

When you watch the film you would definitely note the unique look of the Harlem nights suits. There are a few details that make them look different from the usual style of the suits. The first thing is the size of the lapels on the suit. Harlem nights costume jackets come with the oversized peak lapels thus drawing the eyes easily to the face. The next thing that you should note is the broad shoulders of the Harlem nights suit costumes. The Harlem nights costume suit jackets also come with the slightly longer lengths than the usual jacket lengths. Thus when you are choosing the Harlem nights costumes keep in mind these details.

Night Costume The next thing is the color of the suits. There are different looks you can achieve with the Harlem nights costume. If you are a subtle dresser then you can go with the dark styles like the black Harlem nights costume suits or the navy suitsHarlem nights costumes. Most of the gents in the film all go with the dark suits while there is another option for the bolder dressers. White Harlem nights costume suits are also a frequent occurrence throughout the film. For people who like to be the center of the event, white men Harlem nights costume would be a perfect pick. Other than this you can also try going with the patterned Harlem nights costume styles. Pinstripe suits Harlem nights costume and chalk stripe ones are the best choices since they were the most popular at that time.

Harlem nights costume hats

Along with the Harlem nights suits another important detail you cannot miss in the costume is the hats. During the 1920s and 30s the prevalence of the hat in menswear was still greatly there and thus all the men in the film is also seen wearing them. For a cool Harlem nights Halloween costume make sure to pick a fedora hat with the colored satin to pair with the costume. Depending on the color of the suit that you are wearing you can choose the color of the hat too. For example if you are going with the white suit then go with white hat and same for the black and navy suits.

The one detail that will immediately name the people recognise the Harlem nights costume style is the shawl that you wear. Along with the suit all the men wear a contrast colored shawl over the Harlem nights costumes jacket. For white suits go with the black shawls while the white shawls would be the perfect choice for the dark colored suits. If you can add with the Harlem nights costume suits a bow tie and a walking cane.

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