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Mens Caiman Boots

When it comes to exotic skin shoes or boots most prefer to go with the crocodile shoes or alligator shoes. Alligator shoes are the best and the most expensive of the exotic skin shoes and crocodile shoes are also the most popular. There are many styles in the exotic skin shoes and the caiman boots are often confused with the crocodile boots. But to a trained eye the difference between the two is very apparent. In this article we discuss the mens caiman boots and everything that you need to know about the style when you decide you to choose a pair for yourself.

The mens caiman boots are made from caiman skin and this is different from the crocodile skin since the former gave bony plates underneath the scales. Because of this the mens caiman boots come with the captivating textured patterns which makes them one of the best in the exotic leather industry. Most people think that the caiman boots and alligator boots are one and the same. Caiman is actually a crocodilian which is a close cousin of alligator. They are mostly found in Columbia bit are also abundant in Central and South America. They are usually found in the swampy coastal regions and grow up to one meter in length.

Brown Boot Alligator Boot Burgundy Boot Ivory Boot
There are a lot of advantages which makes the mens caiman boots one of the best choices for your shoes collection. As mentioned before the caiman boots come with unique textures on it giving it a fashionable look. When you need a signature style that would make you stand out from the rest then it would be best for you to choose the mens caiman handmade boots. When choosing the caiman boots you can choose to go with the one that is made from either the belly or the hornback portion of the caiman skin. When you need a softer and simple style then we would recommend you to choose caiman boots made from the belly while the hornback caiman boots come with hard horn ridges. Most times the hornback caiman boots are the ones that are most preferred since they are more durable and hard bearing when compared to the softer belly caiman boots.

Usually the exotic skin boots are more expensive when compared to the calfskin leather shoes. Alligator shoes are the most expensive and can cost you a fortune. But the caiman boots though being of high quality are reasonably priced when compared to the others. Also the caiman are not as rare as the alligators which makes their supply better. Thus when you are on a restricting budget then it would be best for you to choose the caiman leather boots.

The durability of the exotic skin shoes is another factor that is often scrutinized. Most exotic skin shoes are restricted for special occasions since they can wear out soon. But the caiman mens boots with their plaint bony scales are not only eye-catching but also have best durability. When you maintain the caiman boots in the right way then you can make then last for decades. Also you can choose to wear the mens caiman handcrafted boots for different occasions without worrying about wearing them out too much. There are also different Varieties in the type of finishing for the mens caiman boots like matte, suede and glazed from which you can choose the style that fits your taste.

Also the look of the mens caiman boots are superior when compared to the usual leather boots. It has the look of the luxurious shoes but comes within the budget which makes them very popular in the mens fashion market. Most men tend to avoid going with the caiman boots or cowboy boots in general since it is considered a country style. We admit that it might not be feasible to wear the caiman boots as an everyday wear unless you live in Texas or kansas. Here we give you some tips which might help you style the caiman boots without looking too country.

White Boot The easiest way to style the men's caiman boots for the modern man is to wear them with a tshirt and jeans. This effortless style would be easy to pull off and would make you stand out from the crowd but in a good way. For example you can style the caiman brown boots with an outfit that consists of white crew neck T-shirt and a pair of light blue jeans. For a seriously stylish look that you can wear as a daily style you can pair the caiman black boots menswith an ensemble of navy crew neck t-shirts and a pair of charcoal grey jeans.

The next style that you can try with the caiman boots is pairing them with plaid shirts. Plaid shirts and cowboy boots are a match made in heaven but when you want a more stylish look you can throw on the plaid shirt over a tshirt and pair it with jeans. For a casual and relaxed style you can pair the dark brown caiman leather boots with a light grey crew neck tshirt worn underneath an orange plaid shirt jacket and paired with black jeans. To complete the style you can add with it a beanie and a pair of black sunglasses. For a comfortable weekend look you can style the mens caiman western boots with an outfit that consists of white crew neck tshirt, multi colored plaid long sleeve shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Another great way to style the caiman boots is to wear them with a denim shirt. This would be more of a dressy look when compared to the above two. For a refined yet cool style you can wear the caiman burgundy mens boots with an outfit of a charcoal denim shirt and a pair of navy jeans. For a cool kid look you can style the genuine caiman boots with an outfit of light blue chambray shirt and pair of black jeans.