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Showcase Elegance In The Great Gatsby Mens Clothing

The most popular men's suit and fashion sense today is said to have originated from the 1920's this is the period when people embraced dapper suits and dresses transforming from the conservative fashion sense that was there before. This period which is referred to as the twenties had the world experience an economic boom which greatly impacted the cultural change for men especially this phase evoked a masculine aesthetic giving rise to the great gatsby attire. Thegreat gatsby mens clothing suits>had suits represent some sartorial repertories having an emphasis on formality through the wearing of ties, a hat, and accessories.

This great gatsby mens clothing was inspired by a classic novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald which was later adapted into a movie the Great Gatsby produced in 2013. The great gatsby attire had to represent class and sophistication for the wearer because they were the fashion leaders of the day. The great gatsby mens outfit had the following salient features:

1.The Suit. The bootlegger suit had to be a pinstripe or plaid, however, unlike the normal suits thisgreat gatsby mens clothing suits had to have wider stripes. The jacket can be either single or double-breasted depending on the persons taste with pants cuffed at the ankles and have a flat front. All suits had a matching lapel collar vest and a matching pocket watch as an accessory.


2. Shirt. The great gatsby men attire had a shirt that was white round or had a pointed collar with stripes or light pastel solids.

3. Hats. The fedora, homburg and the bowler were the most popular hats around this period with the Panama or straw boater being worn in the summer.

4. Shoes. Two-tone oxfords were the most common fashion statement then but the brown cap toes and the solid black also were also popular.

5. Accessories. A pocket watch or chain and a walking cane also were used to set apart the classic men.