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Polka Dot Dress Shirt

When you need to show off your individuality you can choose to go with polka dot shirt. Polka dot fashion has taken over the mens fashion both in formal and casual styles. The popularity of the polka dot pattern in menswear may be attributed to its versatility. In this article we are going to discuss about polka dot dress shirts and styling tips on how best to wear them.

Polka dot shirts are timeless classics that can be a great addition to your wardrobe. The polka dot dress shirts are available in different colors and models. When you play with the models and colors it is possible to create styles that you can wear for informal and business purposes. So here is everything that you need to know about this indispensable pattern.

pink suits The main thing that you will have to note with the polka dot dress shirts is the style of pattern on it. There are variations in the pattern that have their unique properties that you can select according to different events. The size of the polka dots in the dress shirt is the first thing that catches the eye of the viewer. When you go for a formal garment that you can wear with suits and blazers it is best to go with small polka dots that are placed close together. As for casual garments you can try to go with bigger polka dots that are placed far apart.

The thing with polka dot dress shirts is that when you go with the densely placed ones they look like a solid dress shirt from a distance. Therefore they are the best when it comes to formal styles like with suits and blazers. The far spaced polka dot shirts are best for casual styles.

After you select the type of polka dots the next thing that you focus on is the material of the polka dot dress shirts. For a formal garment that you can go with polka dot cotton dress shirts. A white polka dot shirt paired with a blue suit and black tie is a dapper and elegant outfit. To add to the classy look you can go with the pair of black leather loafers. For a smart casual outfit you can go with lightweight options like linen polka dot shirts. A navy polka dot dress shirt paired gray blazer, navy tie and black dress pants is a sleek elegant look. Add a pair of dark brown leather Oxford shoes to complete the ensemble. If you are the groom of the summer wedding and you are bored with the black tuxedo style you can change the look a little. A light blue polka dot shirt with navy suit and black bow tie can infuse personality on your special day.

For fancier look you can go with luxury fabrics like silk polka dot shirts and polka dot shiny satin dress shirts. An all black outfit with black silk polka dot dress shirt and black suit and black suede Chelsea boots is a stylish daily casual arsenal.

As for the sleeves on the polka dot shirts you can go with long ones when it comes to formal style and short sleeves for casual style. A graypolka dot shirt paired with light blue suit and black tie for an elegant look. Add a pair of black leather loafers for classier look. For a smart casual look you can you can layer the blue long sleeve polka dot shirt, blue denim vest, navy blazer and white jeans. You can complement the outfit with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers.You can go with casual look by pairing the blue long sleeve polka dot shirt with white shorts with the shirt sleeves rolled up halfway. You can coordinate the outfit with a pair of beige leather boat shoes. For a more casual style you can go with polka dot white short sleeve dress shirt with white crew neck t-shirt and white vertical striped chinos. Complement the ensemble with a pair of gray suede casual boots. A burgundy polka dot shirt paired with gray chinos and tobacco leather Oxford shoes gives you a classic outfit for your daily style.

You can select the color of the polka dot shirts based on the event that you are attending and how you are styling it. For styling the garment with suits and blazers you can go with lighter colors like white and light blue. You can pair a light purple polka dot shirt with tan blazer and black chinos for an effortlessly classy style. For a step up the style you can add a pair of brown leather tassel loafers. A polka dot light gray dress shirt paired with a double breasted striped navy suitand burgundy printed tie for an elevated look. Add a pair of burgundy leather loafers for a formal and fashionable outfit.

For a casual style you can easily pair the dark colors of polka dot dress shirts with jeans and chinos. A black suit with black mandarin collar polka dot shirt and white leather slip on sneakers is a polished smart casual look. For a little more distinguished style you can pair the polka dot red dress shirt with light blue denim jacket and navy chinos.

A navy v neck polka dot dress shirt paired with a light brown suit and brown leather Oxford shoes is a dapper summer look. As for the fit of the shirt you can go with slim fit polka dot shirt when it comes to formal and smart casual outfit. A white slim fit polka dot shirt paired with black wool blazer and orange floral tie is a perfect match that blends in well with each other. For a casual look you can go for roomier look with polka dot classic fit dress shirts. A brown classic fit polka dot dress shirt paired with navy chinos is a great laid back look.