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Shiny Satin Dress shirt

Black satin dress shirt When we talk about mens dress shirts most of us imagine cotton dress shirts by default. They are the most versatile style and it is possible that we have more than required number of those in our wardrobe. While they are perfect for the formal events and as work wear when it comes to fun events and dressy ones it is better to go with a slightly different look. Shiny satin shirts are our recommendation for you and here is everything that we think you need to know about shiny satin dress shirts.

Satin is one of the fabrics that are soft to wear and also will give you a stylish look. The material is light and airy, thus resulting in a comfortable garment. Thus you can give a break to your usual cotton dress shirts and give the shiny satin dress shirts a try.

Shiny satin dress shirts are surprisingly a versatile option in the casual side of clothing. You can pair the shiny satin shirt with a tuxedo and can wear the same shirt for a cocktail party. The key to this versatile styling lies in perfectly selecting the details involved with the shiny satin shirts.

If you think that the shiny satin mens dress shirts are flashy then you can start slow by pairing them with formal garments like tuxedos, blazers and suits. When you pair them with the jackets it covers most of the shirt area and thus gives you only a glimpse of the shiny satin shirts that you are wearing. You can start slow like this and when you are comfortable you can progress slowly into wearing them with jeans and chinos. Shiny satin dress shirts with jeans or chinos are a fun look that you can wear to parties and high end clubs. Thus you first need to pick out the clothes that you are going to wear with the shiny satin shirts depending on your preference and the event for which you are going the wear the garment.

After this you should decide on the color of the shiny satin shirts. The color is the most important factor since it easily catches the eye of the viewer and it is one of the easiest to pass a comment on. Thus make sure that you put some thought into picking out the suitable color of the shiny satin dress shirts that complement your skin tone and also match the nature of the event that you are attending.

For example lighter colors are preferred for formal events while the darker and brighter ones can be reserved for casual events. A white shiny satin shirt is the one that you can easily pair with any formal garment like tuxedos and suits. You can also style the same shirt with casual garments like jeans and chinos. Thus if you are getting your first satin shirt we would recommend for you to go with white slim fit shirt. If you feel that white is too bright for your skin tone you can instead opt to go with ivory shiny satin dressy shirts or champagne shiny satin shirts. Other than this you can try the light blue shiny satin shirt and light pink shiny satin shirt for formal look. A light blue shiny satin shirt with a window pane navy suit and silk green tie is a refined look for any formal event.

When it comes to semi formal or casual events you can go with darker colors of shiny satin shirts. Truth be told the darker shades of shiny satin mens dress shirts look far better than the lighter ones and thus are the ones that are most preferred. Black shiny satin shirts are the ones that are best for any dressy events. They can be paired with suits, blazers or with casual garments like jeans too. All black look with a black suit and a black shiny satin shirt is an epitome of sophistication. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather derby shoes. For a smart casual look you can pair the black shiny satin shirt with a navy blazer and a pair of light blue ripped jeans. You can rev up the style factor of the outfit by adding a pair of black embroidered suede loafers. For a look that makes you stand out from the crowd you can pair the navy shiny satin shirt with a black silk blazer and burgundy chinos. Adding a pair of black suede double monks can give you extra style points. For a flashy look pair the olive green shiny satin shirt with a velvet suit and a pair of black leather derby shoes.

shiny satin dress shirt When you pair these shiny satin shirts with formal garments it is always best to go with long sleeve shiny satin shirts that you can also style with the sleeves rolled up halfway for a casual stylish look. gingham shirts are the best for casual styles that you can wear for a casual day around the city or a fun gathering with your friends. The fit of the casual shirts must be slightly looser than those that we pair with formal garments thus it is recommended for you to go with classic fit shiny satin shirts. Other than this you can also go with mandarin collar shiny satin shirts or banded collar shiny satin shirts for these casual looks.

Patterns on the shiny satin shirts make the garment look dressier and stylish compared with the solid shiny satin shirts. Floral shiny satin satin dress shirts with bold colors are best when you need a casual stylish garment that you can pair with jeans or chinos. Paisley shiny satin dress shirts are a good pick when you need a dressy style that you can pair with suits and blazers.