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Electric Blue Suits

In recent times the bright colors have been infiltrating the menswear. Pink which was once considered to a feminine color is now being widely used in the menswear. But the pink is still being used in dusty shades unlike in women wear where shocking pink have been used widely. But the equivalent of shocking pink in menswear is the electric blue and today we are going to discuss about electric blue suits and why you should have one in your wardrobe.

Electric blue suits are a far cry from the usual navy blue suits and midnight blue suits. These dark shades of blue are used most for blending in with the formal atmosphere but the electric blue suits will make sure to turn the attention towards you. The bright shade of the electric blue suit is best for fancy events like dinner parties and award events. Also it is best for bright seasons like spring and summer since gloomy ones like winter is unlikely to handle the buzz of the electric blue suits. Here are some of the tips that will help you style the daring cocktail outfit.

Mens-Two-Button-Indigo-Blue-SuitMens-Two-Button-Indigo-Blue-Suit Double-Breasted-Royal-Blue-Suitelectric-blue-suit

Blue is a color that men are comfortable wearing. But that does not mean that you should stick with your office shades of navy and dark blues. Electric blue Men's suits will give you a rich look that is best for any fancy events. The advantage with electric blue Men's suits is that you can easily style them as separates and wear the electric blue suit jacket with the khakis or jeans. When you get an electric blue suit there are some details that you will have to note.

The first thing is the material from which the suits are made. /Wool electric blue Men's suits are slightly subdued and can give you a good look for formal events. Also the slightly heavy fabric will drape over your body well and give you a perfect fit. For a formal look you can pair the electric blue wool suit with a light blue dress shirt and olive knit tie. Complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather loafers. For a little more stylish look you can pair the double breasted electric blue suit with a tobacco crew neck sweater. Accentuate the look with a pair of brown leather derby shoes.

mens-dress-suits When you need a semi formal or casual look you can try out the electric blue linen suits. Pair a linen electric blue suit with a crisp white dress shirt, navy polka dot tie and brown leather Oxford shoes. This is a great look if you are a groom who is bored with black tuxedos look and want to stand out from the rest of the crowd on your special day. Other than this you can also pair a single breasted electric blue suit with white dress shirt and a tobacco silk tie. Accentuate the look with a pair of tobacco leather loafers.

When you need a dressy look you can try out the fancy fabrics like silk electric blue suit and electric blue velvet suits. These luxury fabrics paired with the bright color will create a rich look that will turn heads. A velvet electric blue suit paired with a blue tie and navy velvet slippers is a cool style for fancy dinners.

As for the fit make sure you go with the slimmer one that you feel comfortable in. The thing with electric blue Men's suits is that they will definitely capture the attention and thus it is important that you go in the best possible style so that you are worth the staring. For a tall and lean person a skinny fit electric blue suit paired with a red tie and brown leather derby shoes is a picture of class. The most popular fit especially among the younger generation is the slim fit electric blue Men's suits. The advantage with this fit is that it can complement men of any body type. A electric blue slim fit suit paired with a white dress shirt and gray tie is a leaf out of the sophisticated wardrobe. Classic fit is for a person who loves to move around in his suit since it is a little roomier than the skinny fit and slim fit versions. A electric blue classic fit suit paired with a beige waistcoat, light blue dress shirt and tan print tie is a classic look. You can get a little experimental by adding a pair of tobacco leather double monks. If you are not satisfied with any of these fits you can try out the big and tall electric blue suits for a comfortable pick.

double-breasted-suits The electric blue Men's suits has been the recent favorite of the fashion loving celebrities men and women alike. Blue is the universal favorite color and we cannot blame everyone for trying their hand in it. Johnny Depp rocked the peak lapel electric blue suit when he attended the Venice film festival in 2019. He went for a stylish look by teasing a glimpse of his toned check with white unbuttoned dress shirt. He completed the look with a pair of black and white dress shoes.

Another style example that you can look up to is our favorite style icon Harry Styles. He is well known to rock styles that are mostly avoided by other people or even not thought of. The sign of the times singer once again took up the fashion world by storm when he wore a electric blue double breasted suit with a casual white vest for the rock and roll hall of fame induction ceremony in new York. He wore the suit with dramatic wide leg trousers and broke the gender norms (once again) by wearing trendy alternate blue and pink nail polish design.

The peak lapel electric blue suits are best for formal events while you can go with notch lapel electric blue Men's suits for a subtle style.Electric blue Shawl lapel suits are best for dressy ones like weddings and dinner parties.