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Linen Suits For Men

Linen Suits

Linen suits for Men that are an all time desired choice for men are definitely one of the oldest favorites as well. The fabric is old and well known for its softness and rich look. A linen suit For Men is mainly for men who love comfortable suits that give great look is the first choice. Classy linen suits can give men a laidback but classy look as it is a perfect wear for sultry climate and holiday moods. Linen suits are mostly loose fitting and that is the reason why they don't need a traditional tailoring. Mens suits linen are the best choice for a relaxed mood especially during holidaying. A linen suit surely does makes women heads turn and is a darling for men.

White linen suits For Men are special when compared with other shades of linen suits as it is the natural color of the fabric. Apart from this linen suits look classy and appealing when they are in white color. However you wear linen, this special variety of fabric is the best friend for men who love casual style and loose fit. Linen suits are commonly worn as loose fitting and hence they don't need any traditional tailoring. The mood of white linen suits is just apt for a good holiday mood and is suitable for muggy days as it is well-ventilated and loose-fitting. Though linen is seen as a casual fabric, we can find them more suitable for suits that are worn as formal wear. Linen soft and can have a lot of wrinkles so it is important that we maintain a formal linen suit without wrinkles to give that crisp look. These Linen Suits For Men are mostly worn in tropical climate areas and during business meeting in any sultry areas to fight the heat. Men who love to wear linen suits normally try picking white linen suit just because it is the natural occurring color of the fabric.,br>
When the weather turns too hot to bear, we tend to develop a certain degree of dislike even to our most favorite wool suits. As the season gets hotter, dressing up in suits to regular office days would become a hassle with the sweat starting to appear. That is the time when we all think of throwing out all the suits and loading our wardrobe with clothes that aren't so hard to wear in the hot days. But what if we tell you that you still wear your suits and also at the same time escape the summer season. This may seem impossible but enter the unsung hero of the summer season - the linen suits.

The linen suits are one of a kind garment that would definitely save you from the throes of the hot summer. This fabric is extremely breathable and comfortable to be in and thus is the most preferred choice when it comes to summer season. Linen suits are a winner since the garment will make you look professional but at the same time you do not want to sweat much like when wearing a woolen suit.

So what makes the linen suits special for summer season? Linen suits are made from the fabric that is linen ( which you should have figured out by now ). Linen is a natural material that is spun from the fibers of the flax plants, to be specific from their stems. This is the reason for the longer fibers and consequently the increased durability of the linen as a fabric. This spinning process of linen is very labor intensive and thus the linen suits can be priced a bit higher than you expect it to be. But the summer fabric is worth all the trouble since it has the best summer fabric qualities. As we mentioned before linen has good breathability and also has a higher conductivity which makes it cool fabric both literally and figuratively. It is superior to the other summer fabric that is cotton in the point that the linen suits or any other linen garment can easily absorb moisture and evaporate it in a quicker time than that of the cotton. This means that you won't be required to constantly fight off the sweaty backs. The fabric is extremely durable and also sturdy. They are stronger when they are wet than in the dry state and can resist dirt and strains to a great level. It also helps that you can dry clean the fabric and it can also be machine washed or steamed. Therefore, it is always best to have a couple if linen suits in your wardrobe so that you can get through the summer without being boiled alive. Also, it helps a great deal when the need for summer suits arises that is when you get invited to the rooftop parties or the summer weddings. If you already don't have a suit or two in this fabric it is high time that you get one.

Linen is actually one of the oldest fabric known to mankind and its history as fabric dates back to almost 36000 years ago. One of the proof that we have is the hieroglyphics of the ancient Egyptians. During the earlier times the linen is said to have been greatly used for producing materials like bed linen and such. The soft fabric was greatly preferred to a degree that having this material meant that you are in the higher part of the hierarchy. After some time the material was used as garments but when it started out it was only used as undergarments for the expensive top layers which is why linen is often referred to as lining till today. With the evolution of men the linen also achieved the suiting fabric status. Linen is one of the most interesting and practical materials when it comes to suiting fabrics. This ultimate warm weather fabric is often underrated for its abilities. Linen is not particularly lightweight but the low thread count of the quality linen makes the fabric cooler than cotton and also at the same time 30 % stronger than that of cotton. Another major characteristic when it comes to linen is its water absorbing quality. They can absorb water and still remain strong with is not the case with cotton or wool.

The main point that people argue against linen suit is that it creases easily. Yes, linen suits crumple easily and thus may not be the first preferred choice of many men. But it is the distinguishing characteristic of the material and thus it may be best to deal with it when you start thinking of getting a linen suit. Heavy, textured linens tend to crumple and wrinkle elegantly but would give the garment a comfortable lived in look. If you are a person who cannot tolerate having creases and strive to attain the pristine look every day then it may be best for you to avoid the linen suits. Another option for these people are to go with blends of linen with wool or silk. The blended linen suits tend to crumple less when compared with the pure ones. Also, the linen suit will be rough to touch when bought new when compared with a woolen suit or even a cotton suit. But linen suits tend to get softer and more comfortable with time. Linen suits are also hypoallergenic and thus do not have to be aired out often like the wool suits.

All that being said, linen suits are majorly considered to be the causal wear rather than a formal wear. This is mainly due to their wrinkling characteristic. But the times are changing and many institutions now allow men to dress in semi casuals for work. Therefore, linen suits are entering a new world and in this they would reach the formal level. The crisp and smart look of the linen suit is now a welcoming sight in many work atmospheres especially in ones that put the comfort of their employees in front of the formal dress code. A crisp linen suit when paired with a dress shirt and a tie can be worn to a regular office day with confidence. The office days are long and thus the lightweight, breathable fabric keeps you comfortable and smart all through the day.

When it comes to formal linen suits it may be best for you to go with blended ones that have the best properties of two fibers. The linen blends as mentioned earlier wrinkle less and also gives you a smoother silhouette. There are a lot of options in linen blends like silk, cotton, wool or mohair. You can wear the linen suit with a white poplin shirt and a complementing colored tie for a formal look.

The main thing that you will have to note when purchasing for formal linen suits is the color of the suit. Since it is for office use it may be best to go with classic colors like blue, dark gray or dark brown. These colors will make you look professional and also do not garner any unwanted attention to your regular office day attire.

But when you are going for a casual linen suit look there are a lot of options for you to choose from. First of all you will need to consider the nature of the event that you are purchasing the suit for or simply the purpose of the linen suit. If you are getting it to wear to semi formal events like summer weddings or beach weddings then you can go with light colors like cream linen suits, off white linen suits, camel linen suits, tan linen suits, white linen suits and many more. Also consider the venue and time at which the wedding is scheduled to take place. If the wedding is in the evening and it is an indoor one you can go with slightly darker shades like beige linen suits and tobacco linen suits. For outdoor weddings you can tone down the formality and go with light colored ones. The one thing that you will have to keep in mind while attending weddings as a guest is not to try out styles that would definitely turn heads. The wedding is a special day for the couple and thus it would be unfair to steal the thunder on that day. But if you are the groom and decide to go with linen suits then you can incorporate details that you are confident about. Keep in mind that brighter colored suits and patterned suits pull off well in the outdoor weddings because of the natural light and also makes for great pictures.

Other than these standard colors in linen suits there are other colors like green linen suits, brick colored linen suits, burgundy linen suits, champagne linen suits, copper linen suits, denim linen suits, light gray linen suits, khaki linen suits, ivory linen suits, maroon linen suits, navy linen suits, peach linen suits, royal blue linen suits, shiny linen suits and many more.

The next thing is to purchase linen suits for casual use - like for cocktail parties or simply a casual day out in town with friends. The linen suits being sturdy and comfortable are a great pick when it comes to leisure time garments. You can go with blue or mid blue tones and other refreshing options like cream or khaki. The light blue linen suits is a popular choice especially among the younger people. You can also use these linen suits for a casual day at office. These casual linen suits are best to be paired with light colored cotton shirt or a full linen look, but we always insist upon the former option. Full linen suit look may be too much for some people and thus adding a cotton shirt to the mix might make it better.

Another major thing that you will have to decide upon while purchasing for linen suits is the style of these suits. Majorly there are two different styles in suits - the single breasted style and the double breasted style. You will have to know the styles and select the one that suits your need the best. If you are getting your first linen suit then it may be best to go with single breasted linen suits. Single breasted linen suits are preferred the most when compared with the two styles since it is the more versatile one among the two. Single breasted linen suits can be worn as both formal and casual style and thus is the one that is often preferred especially by the younger generation. Single breasted style of linen suits usually have three to four buttons on the suit jacket and can be worn both buttoned or unbuttoned. Double breasted style of linen suits are considered to be more formal when compared to the single breasted style of linen suits. Double breasted linen suits must be your go-to option if you already have a single breasted style suit or if you are a person who suits up on a daily basis. Double breasted linen suits are the best when you want your linen suits to be formal and wear them to your office. The double breasted lines suit instantly gives you a dressed up look and also an air of authority that cannot be guaranteed with single breasted styles.

The fit of the linen suits also matter like any other suits. Make sure that you get the right fit that complements your body shape. If you are shopping online for linen suits then make sure that you get your measurement right, compare it with the size chart in the site and then order your pick. There are a lot of styles available in linen suits like half lined linen suits, kids toddler linen suits, big and tall linen suits, tapered cut linen suits, flat front linen suits, two piece linen suits, three piece linen suits, linen suits for groomsmen and many more.

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