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Baby Blue Prom Suits

Blue is a color that even the most conventional dressers would be comfortable to wear. For a long time the blue suits have been the savior of the savvy minimalist dressers. There are a lot of shades in blue but the Navy blue suits and midnight blue suits are the ones that most people prefer to go with since they have been widely accepted as the standard ones for almost all formal events. But when it comes to semi formal and casual events you can choose to go with slightly bright shades. In this article we discuss the cobalt blue suits and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Bright Blue Suit If you are hearing about this shade of blue for the first time which will be near to impossible since it is quite famous then we are still obliged to explain further before carrying on further. Cobalt blue is named after the bluish silvery ore since the ore is of the same color. Cobalt blue is a shade that is lighter in shade when compared with Navy blue or midnight blue but is bluer than the sky blue shade. When you are bored of your Navy blue suits and would like to try out something new then it will be best for you to go with the cobalt blue suits.

Cobalt blue suits can make your outfit look richer and more stylish when compared to the usual Navy blue suits. Navy blue suits are the best style when you want to blend right in and do not want a second glance on your side. But when you go with the mens cobalt blue suits you will still blend in with the crowd since it is of blue family but the unique shade will give the outfit a nice look that will get you some approving glances. For example if you are attending a evening dinner event then you can choose to go with cobalt blue mens suit since it will make you subtly stand out from the sea of the usual suits. And there is also the risk of you looking like you came straight from the office when you go with the Navy blue suits.

3 Piece Suit As for the fabric of the cobalt blue suit mens you can choose to go with cobalt blue wool suits since they offer the best standard look. If you need to style it to the office then you can choose the flannel cobalt blue suits but when you need a more interesting look then try going with worsted wool cobalt blue suits. On the other hand if you get the suit to style them for the summer events like beach weddings and such then we would recommend you to choose the cotton cobalt blue suits or for casual look linen cobalt blue suits.

The cobalt blue is a lively and bright color and thus it will look great for the special occasions for the dinner events and weddings. This is another reason why the cobalt blue silk suits and cobalt blue velvet suits look great for the festive seasons. Polyester cobalt blue suits and rayon cobalt blue suits are cheaper than the natural fabric suits but you will have to comprise on some of the comfort. Other than this you can also try out the blends of the natural fabric with synthetic fabrics to make the style work.

Most people would like to try out new styles but would be hesitant as to how to style them and when to style them. As for the blue cobalt suits it is a bright color and thus you cannot style them for every events like that of the Navy blue suits. The cobalt blue suit is best for the special occasions like weddings and other festive events. Now as for styling the cobalt blue suits for different events here are some ideas that might help you get some insight on this.

Cobalt Blue Suit 3 Button Suit Tuxedo Suit 1 Button Suit
Weddings are one of the events that the cobalt blue suits would work great for. When you are the guest for the wedding most would give you recommendation to go with the subtle styles so that you will not steal the thunder from the groom on their special day. Cobalt blue suits can be a good style for that since they will be the best middle of the way look. By going with the cobalt blue shirt suit you can look you best without looking like to tried too much.

If you are the groom and is bored with the Navy blue suits and black suits then you can try out the cobalt blue suit wedding. You can choose to style this cobalt blue groom suit with a white dress shirt and Navy tie. To complete this sharp ensemble you can choose to style the suit with a pair of tobacco leather brogues and to match this you can add a dark brown leather belt. Other than this you can also choose to style the cobalt blue double breasted suit with a light pink dress shirt, Navy blue tie and complete it with a pair of black leather horsebit loafers.

Prom is also another event that you can choose to style the cobalt blue suits for. Depending on the type of the prom you are attending you can choose the styling of the cobalt blue suits. If the prom is a formal event then you can choose to style the cobalt blue prom suit with a white dress shirt, grey Paisley tie and complete the look with a pair of tan leather brogues. If you need a more casual and stylish look for the event you can choose to style the cobalt blue slimfit suit with a simple white turtleneck and complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather double monks. If you think that the cobalt blue suit is too bright then you can choose to start off with cobalt blue suit jacket separately and then progress to suits.